David Shear-Narrative Drawn video

This is a Narrative Drawn Video i created. Here’s How!

  • Materials used
  • Laptop
  • Digital Microphone
  • Tablet and Pen


  • Programs/Resources used
  • Garage band
  • Youtube Audio Library
  • iTunes
  • Photoshop
  • iMovie


  • Procedure:
  1. Write your story

Come up with a story to tell! You can base it on your experience or make it up completely, but make sure you write it down and if you type it, be sure to print it out.

2. Record your audio- 

-Using a Digital Microphone, record yourself telling your story. I used a Blue Snowball USB Microphone

which is a relatively cheap microphone, but really, any microphone can work. I also used Garageband as my audio recording program because i am familiar with it, but any basic audio recording and layering program works too (I’ve heard good things about Audacity) as long as you eliminate that annoying background noise*. It may take several audio checks, editing, and takes to get your audio to sound right. Take your time. This part is very important.


-I also recommend having background music for your project. If you do decide to post it on Youtube, you will have to worry about copyright claims. Youtube has its own Audio Library that will tell you what the rules are behind using any type of background music you can imagine. Click here to check out the Youtube Audio Library’s Music Selection.

The music I used was Daily Beetle by Kevin Macleod

  • *How to eliminate annoying background noise- 

-There are many ways to do this: the cheapest, and easiest way that I did it was simply to put a thick sweatshirt over both my head and my microphone as I was recording. The sweatshirt blocked out a lot of unnecessary noise, but there are better ways to do it, and it’s worth looking up different methods to see what works best for you.


The next step is to draw images for the video. I used a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

and drew the pictures directly in Adobe Photoshop because i am comfortable with Photoshop and using a tablet. If you don’t have photoshop, any drawing program works. If you don’t have a tablet, you can still draw the images on pieces of paper and scan them into the computer. If you do end up using photoshop, be sure that every image you create is the same exact size: this will avoid a lot of jumpiness when creating the video itself (In regards to sizes in photoshop, I recommend working at 11 x 8.5 at 300 DPI so the image looks nice and crisp.). I also recommend having iTunes or some other audio playing application to play the audio and pause it every time the audio warrants a new image. Use your best judgement with how many images you want to make and how often you want to switch images. I had exactly 33 frames that i used for my 3 minute and 50 second video. I recommend saving every image you create in one folder and title them in sequence like this:

It makes things a lot easier if they’re numbered.

Because I used Photoshop, the file sizes were somewhat large, so I decided to break each file into four sections that were all exactly the same size. The easiest way to do this is with guides in photoshop and have a horizontal and vertical guide breaking the piece halfway both ways. (just be sure to uncheck “snapping” because that gets annoying with drawing)

I used a dark green color and a hard brush to draw, but I encourage you to create your own aesthetic style of drawing.

4. Put the Video together

I used iMovie, but literally any other video editing software will work just as well or better. Add every image and sync the audio to the pictures. There are plenty of tutorials online about how to do things in iMovie, and any problem you have you can google. Otherwise the program is pretty intuitive: you import your audio and images and you add your pictures in and drag them on the timeline to decide the duration of how long you want the picture to be on screen in relation to the audio, and splice and delete the excess stuff. Before too long, you should have a coherent video. ALWAYS -I cannot stress this enough- ALWAYS WATCH YOUR VIDEO BEFORE EXPORTING OR UPLOADING. Watch it MULTIPLE TIMES. The worst thing is when you have a mistake once it’s already on youtube and you have to either reupload or replace the file.

5. Upload the video to youtube and share!


Some other web artists who create videos like these are TheOdd1sOut and Domics

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