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“Tango” by Zbigniew Rybczyński

“Tango” is an experimental animated film made by Zbigniew Rybczyński in 1980. It is set in one room with an increasing number and series of interesting characters that loop in and out of the composition over and over.

Can you stop watching?

There is an incredibly sticky visual quality and an “I cant stop watching” aspect to the piece. Tango won The Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1983.

This evening in class we screened the “short animated film”, but is this a film? How would you describe this piece technically? The year it was made plays a role for sure.

What did you think of “Tango” as a whole? What is your interpretation of the piece? What is the artist communicating?

Please leave your reactions and responses in the comments section below.

Welcome to Art 642 :: New Media Spring 2018

Welcome to Art 642 New Media Students! (and alumni)

Spring 2018


First things first, grab the syllabus below! Please review it.


  1. Syllabus —>> * * ART642 New Media Spring 2018 * * <<— Syllabus


2. What is New Media? Where does it fit in? Read this –


3. Check out these Artists over the course of the week: (make some notes if something stands out in both good ways or bad ways! Lets discuss!)

Kidmograph –

G1ft3d –

Scorpion Dagger –

Michael Branson Smith –

Jessica Fenlon –

Mark Napier –

Lorna Mills –

Josephe DeLappe – Artist Index –


4. Feel free to leave a comment below based on anything that you have seen or read here! The comment section is below! A big part of our class will be reacting and responding to content posted on our class website. (Once you submit your comment, I will approve it. It may take a few minutes to “see” the comment after submission)

Have Fun!

Class Visit to To.Be / Planeta – NYC – Wednesday – 6/7 @2:45pm

This Wednesday our summer New Media class will visit the To.Be / Planeta studio in NYC on Wednesday 6/7 @2:45pm.

We will be receive a full tour of the studio and the various projects / planeta creates, facilitates, and produces! How lucky are we?? Prepare for a VR experience and more…

Meeting Location:

295 East 8th street – you can enter directly from the street on the corner with Avenue B.

We will meet right in front at 2:45pm (you must be on time!)

Directions from Penn Station:

I Usually take the F subway train downtown from 34th Street – Herald Square – but you may wish to make the arrangements of your choice. –> Here is the map for the F train route <—-

(The building looks like this below)



Welcome to our class website!

Dear Spring 2017 New Media Class,

Welcome to our class website! This is the home of where we will host, discuss, present & archive our work. Each student will be given an editor’s log in / account the next time that we meet on 2/28/17. This will allow for you to begin adding, hosting and publishing your work to the site. This week due to the president’s day holiday we will not meet in class but there are somethings I would like for you to do before the next class. These items below are mandatory so please plan to spend some time exploring.

  1. Please spend some time preparing the captured media you took from projects #1 & #2 for next class (if you have not completed project #2 – the 3D project please do so and prepare those images) This refers to the photos that you took during the process of creating your work. We also experimented with the giphycam and recorded a few GIFs. Please place these images and media onto a flash drive, add them to dropbox, icloud, external hard-drive or into another method of easy access to work from in class. (Yes, the process images that you took while your pieces were being made in progress need to be accessible.) Bring these items to class on 2/28.
  2. Create a free account on both & – these are digital Net Art creation and publishing platforms. Please explore both platforms and see what they do. They are similar in many ways but also have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to each other. You may apply the images & media you have prepared from projects #1 & #2 here. I highly suggest watching the newhive tutorials and reading the user guide. Each student should create at least one piece on both newhive and before our next class. You can explore my profiles on both platforms here – –
  3. Watch the Net Art Tutorial I created for insight into the process –
  4. Check out this cool “Trace Loops” How-to tutorial by my friend and CUNY colleague Michael Branson Smith
  5. Those students who have already graduated may also receive this notice about the assignment above, feel free to join in and keep your presence alive here!!