Category: 2D Project

Zine page

I chose this artwork for my zine page because I feel that for me this is the most successful painting from the body of work that I have been working on so far.  I have a hard time feeling that my pieces are “good enough” or “finished”.  The quote I chose to follow the contour of the dream-like floating hair describes that part of my personality.


What a pity to miss that amazing GIPHY tour ! I feel soooo sorry.

I really enjoy the process of learning New Media Art. This is the first time I am working with New Media Art as a means of artistic form and expression. I have to take chances to make my illustrations 3D and use many materials to remodel my work. It is very interesting and is widening my knowledge. GIPHY is an excellent website that we are studying with dynamic figures, gifs, etc. as a resource and inspiration.

I hope we have more opportunities to learn more in the future. Ill never do the wrong thing twice. Sorry….

Project 1: 2D

The title of my first project is “The cat”. I took the photo of my toy and used it to be the background I created for the new work. I created an Illustration to design the girl hugging the cat. I wanted to communicate that I always hold this toy, to express how much I love it.


In honor of Dumbfoundead finally coming to NYC on tour, I made this stencil on wood panel- I planned on giving the physical piece to DFD in person, so I was excited to give this piece a continuing life as a gif.

The first addition was the text, “WE MIGHT DIE,” passing behind his head. After about four hours of screaming at the computer after class one night, he slowly came together.

The following edit was a combination of video from DFD’s concert and the original stencil. By erasing certain colors in the stencil, and adding them directly into the video footage, and layering the stencil back upon the video. (This edit was done with significantly less screaming.)