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2D to Motion Project

For the 2d project I used my sketch of my green cheeked conure, Ziggy Stardust Pendzick in which I had drawn on multiple sheets of white lined notebook paper.  I then took photos of each piece separate on a bulletin board and merged them to make a gif showing the multitude of images building up till the drawing is complete.

Giphy Trip!!

First off- how awesome would it be to have a work place like that?
I’m not sure what I was imagining this place to look like- but it was definitely /not that./
Constant movement- and every screen or monitor was looping gifs, just as a backdrop- and everyone just going about their business as if they weren’t working at the coolest place imaginable….

I’ve never personally experienced VR before- and, for lack of a better term, my mind was blown. I like that they didn’t allow us to see what was happening through the monitor- so it was a complete surprise as to what we were about to experience… A Virtual exhibition… I never would have thought! So far removed from a traditional gallery- it was truly incredible! I’m not sure how- but that’s definitely something I’m going to explore in the near future. Like as soon as possible.

It was also kind of nauseating? That was really unexpected.. Dropping down into the ocean.. I felt my stomach drop along with it!!

Then there was one little secret machine to make our own gifs on the spot!!

The final hit.. was starting to leave the place, and someone’s computer was open to a giphy page that was searching up K-pop gifs.

How is that not my job.

Who is getting paid cash money to look up k-pop gifs.


-Susan Kelly

Morphing GIF

This little gem was created in photoshop and was my second GIF ever. Once you get the hang of it you can have lots of fun creating them. It’s kind of like a present you can’t wait to open and when you finally do it’s even better than you expected!

This GIF is quite simple to make. I used 5 different images, each on its own individual layer. Make sure you save each layer separately (use the eye to make a layer visible/invisible). Then follow these steps:

  1. Window > Timeline
  2. *CLICK* Create Frame Animation (actually click on it because I’ve skipped this step so many times and have to backtrack to figure out why my GIF won’t work)
  3. At the top of your Layers Box: Select > All Layers
  4. In your Timeline Box you’ll see a small drop down menu with three horizontal lines, click it: Create New Layer for Each New Frame
  5. Click that box again: Make Frames From Layers
  6. Now you may adjust the time or speed underneath each frame
  7. Preview the GIF by pressing the play button
  8. File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)
  9. Save

The Slow Blink

This GIF was created by first making the collage in 2-D. I started by scanning the image, you can also photograph it on your iPhone to get it on the computer, and then adjusted the image in photoshop. I selected specific areas and experimented with some filters from the “Filter Gallery”, highlighting only the parts of the image I want the viewer to focus on.

For the GIF aspect I duplicated the portrait of the man and  used the “eye dropper tool” to find the color just above his open eyes. To zoom in and out on the picture:

hold  Command  and tap +, hold Command  and tap -

Working on the second layer I used the “brush tool” to color over his eyes with the light color and then used the eye dropper tool again to select a darker color for the lash line. After I saved each individual layer separately I followed the necessary steps to create the GIF. There are wonderful step by step tutorials online that you can use. The last and final step was to ensure this dude did a very slow blink to emphasize how badly he wants to go home.

Making Photoshop Gifs

Making Gifs has been an eye-opening experience for me, now that I know how easy they can be to make.  I especially like making them in Photoshop and am realizing how easily I can customize my existing photographs to add video elements. The process has been fun and I am hoping to show some of my recent gifs to you all shortly. This was the first one I made using Photoshop for the ART 642 class, using video and an existing photo. This one is entitled, “Coffee First!”


Visiting Giphy was awesome. The office is completely transformative, new aged and seems very conducive to creativity. I really liked listening to Dani and Ari (sp?) although the information on how giphy works and the various projects they work on there seems like everyday business to them, I was hanging on their every word. The idea of putting virtual art into a virtual gallery is going to be revolutionary. I also think that the way the curated the first show- by reaching out to applied artists and inviting them to make a piece makes the new media art world seem so much more accessible to those of us that are intimidated by it.


Here is a Gif I made of Prof. Seslow using GIPHY CAM at GIPHY Headquarters


Zine is such a fresh and interesting way to express yourself. I think that one thing I learned from our guest speaker is how differently people label art. It doesn’t have to be something you spend hours on. Creating a zine is fun way to just have fun and be yourself.

I think with the zine that i created i wanted to show the beauty in nature. All of my works are inspired by things that I see in nature. The zine that I created has roots in my old paintings. I used to draw owls as a project and this zine has helped me to rekindle that love. I think it’s important for everyone to take the time and experience and love nature.