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A Digital to Applied & Back to Digital – Zine! 4/10/18

Tuesday 4/10 ‘s class will be a ZINE-making Workshop!

Lets gather some of our work and discover with how we can re-compose, transform and re-apply the digital works we have been creating this semester. Lets explore converting the digital into print media and applied collage works.

Lets make a ZINE! Of course you can make your own, but the class will collaborate on one as well. Both a printed version and a digital one for out class website. (Check out what students did last year and over the summer here)

At this point of the semester we have created a series of images and various works both static and animated.

I would like for you extract a series of still frames from the animated works that have been created.

An example of this would the gif that you see below. It is collage I made using Newhive. It consists of several graphic assets. I took a screen shot of the image (on the mac keyboard you can press the Command Key, the Shift Key and the #3 key (in that order) to take a screen shot of your work space on screen) this will produce a still frame of the entire screen. (see below this gif)

The screen shot will look like this above at first. Open the file in photoshop and crop away what is not needed. See the example below to follow along.

We have access to good printer in our classroom that allows for 11″x17″ print out put. We will explore this and crop our images into the Zine size of 8.5″ X 11″

The Tools of the cut N’ paste trade are below:  Please bring these items to class next week! You will need them for sure. (I also have extra to share if you don’t have them)

David Shear- Zine pieces

This picture was an original image of mine that i printed out to collage.

I collaged pieces of the original together from multiple printed copies.

This image i scanned back into photoshop after collaging and added a blur and other effects to it.

Jen Fazin Zine project

Zine Contribution of hand made digital output collage 

Hand made collage of multiple computer generated images, gifs, animations, and photographed
personal artwork that was printed out in full color to be manipulated and rearranged with glue
for my final Zine contribution.


Zine Contribution of digital “Diffuse Glow” photoshop filter alteration

Zine Contribution of digital “Glowing Edges”photoshop filter alteration

Zine Contribution of digital animation “Extrude Edges”photoshop stylize filter alteration

New Kid on the Zine Block

As a first time zine-maker I must admit that the process was enjoyable! My initial thought was to compose a collage. I figured that would be the most obvious approach because as art students we’ve all experienced collaging at some point. But this time was different than the rest because I got to use my own original images. When you think of collage your mind races to high school art class when you had to shift through a pile of magazine clippings and pick out imagery that represents who you are. Then you had to paste those images on top of a silhouetted head that is also supposed to represent you… boring. Here we were able to combine original 2-D work with stills of gifs/videos, free-to-use images (thx NY Public Library) and text to convey an idea.

The antiquated looking photos were pulled directly from the New York Public Library digital collection. There are tons, and I mean tons, of free-to-use images on there.

In class we displayed our zine pages and I had a breakthrough. My pages didn’t have to be so tight and proper. Some of my classmates’ pages looked as if they were all bustled together. They were untidy yet totally appealing. Their original works were hurled together in an unpolished layout with appropriated images, scribbles of text and photocopied repeatedly in true zine fashion.

Now, I realize I haven’t totally conformed to the authentic zine spirit but that’s just not my style. So, in an attempt to embrace the zine fashion I experimented with the photocopier and incorporated some corbels. I placed them directly on the scanner and they came out totally awesome! I cut them out and used them in my composition. I love the contrast the scanner provides. *side note: experiment copying with colored paper*

After this collaboration project I feel as if I graduated from a zine novice to an advanced beginner.

It’s a Zine filled class!

A zine is something I really didn’t know too much about before class, being I never really read one…  I love the idea of creating one big collaborative assignment between artists, through a multi-page format magazine.  I think once the class grasped what the project really was about and how to execute it, we started to get some creative and fun zines.  We are printing ours in black and white, but the color versions are so full of life and really flow well from page to page. Once Susie told me to photocopy in the moment and move images around on the photocopier, my zines really came to fruition.  I loved using my film negatives and turning them into positives on the printer and moving them around until I got exactly the layout wanted!

Zine page

I chose this artwork for my zine page because I feel that for me this is the most successful painting from the body of work that I have been working on so far.  I have a hard time feeling that my pieces are “good enough” or “finished”.  The quote I chose to follow the contour of the dream-like floating hair describes that part of my personality.

Zine Project by Yunsang Cho

Working on Zine project is truly inspiring since I’m very used to creating 2D or Digital work using paper-based materials.

Both images are representing my current school year and the frustration coming from various works I’m responsible of.

First image, the bear is showing how I actually want to react on things I face in my daily life. Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a robot where I perform every tasks that were given. Maybe I should start thinking of drawing a line on where to take a rest and where to begin again.

Second image, the boat on bookshelf can be self-explanatory just by looking at it. Two people look exhausted sailing over the sea of books and the color of background is definitely giving an unpleasant atmosphere to the viewers. As mentioned, I am writing papers now and I feel very lost in reading so many articles, journals, and books. What I wanted to show was a stressful image which portraying my feelings.