The Struggle: The Sob, 2016

Here we have the making of The Struggle: The Sob, 2016.

The Struggle is comprised of (5) 28 x 36 pieces, 4 of which are women, the 5th, a man. All of the pieces distinctly show the representation of a class structure, of the struggling and suffering of women, and of workers. The women are all turned away from the camera.  In contrast, the man is faceless, covered by a clay mask, his working hands outstretched before the viewer as if he is giving and waiting to receive… only nothing comes his way (Seen in previous post).  The struggle shows the very real pain of life. The pieces are all connected through the treatment of the hands and face. In these works, is a complete stripping of identity.

Below we have the making of The Struggle: The Sob, 2016. (Graphic designer and make up artist, Grace Moreno Vasquez, applies contouring)


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