Giphy Visit by Yunsang Cho

I had such a great time visiting Giphy headquarter on April 4th.

Coming from Fine Art background, I had little to no experience being exposed in modern art which includes film making, graphic design, computer art, virtual reality and etc. Upon arrival of Giphy studio, my immediat attention was drawn to desks with Macbooks and people freely working along with a small photo shooting booth. All of those explained how technology has developed within art.

I also felt very privileged to visit Giphy studio as a class where we had a small group discussion with the designers who worked there. We were invited to ask questions and get feedbacks from them and were also given a chance to play with Giphy’s newest application and their own Virtual reality.

My favorite part of the day was playing virtual reality where I had so much fun in getting all engaged in this computer-designed space. To be honest, as fine artist and educator I wasn’t very into modernized art-form due to fear of not knowing how to utilize technology. However, after this mini trip to Giphy Studio I’m more interested in learning Art & Technology than I was ever before.

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