For this 2D project I focused on something that I’ve never done before. Typically I would of created something that had a purpose and many references to work from with an end goal in mind. But the purpose behind this project was to challenge the mind and create something you have never created before. Something that did not feel comfortable to what you are used to. I have worked with many mediums and many styles but I really never created abstract pieces with no purpose or desired outcome. I started off by picking a medium that I found to be easy to work with because I was going to be creating with my left hand. I began by just drawing random things on the canvas in order to get some inspiration organically.

I was not happy with what I was creating, but I continued to go with the flow. This is a new way of working and I have to go with what feels uncomfortable and break the norm.

I quickly got inspiration from my own creation and started to go with whatever happened. I started paying attention to the background noise that was occurring while I was creating this project. I strongly believe that the surrounding noise and environment can alter your creation.

I started to realize that it felt good not having an end result and wondering if what I was going to create was going to be right or perfect and pretty. This was a very carefree challenging project for me and I would highly recommend it during my teachings. I would present this project the way I created it. Telling my students that there is no right or wrong way to create and we are going to be using our opposite hand and our own internal inspiration to spark creation.

This was my end result. Although I was not 100% happy with how it came out considering this was abnormal of me to create, I was very proud of my self. I was able to create an abstract piece, with no reference, using my left hand.

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