Chris Ann Ambery 2- D project “Nurture”

Recently I have been contemplating the protective, nurturing relationship between mother and child. It is something that has consumed my life especially as my children are becoming adults, leaving home, and setting out on their own paths.
I began by drawing figures bent toward and leaning into each other. I chose to draw abstracted rather than realistic figures and wanted to draw emphasis to the encircling arms. Once I was comfortable with the concept, I created a collagraph. I love the intense tonality that can be achieved with a collagraph. To create the plate I coated a piece of matboard with acrylic gel medium on both sides. Once that dried I drew the base image with charcoal and began to add areas of texture with sand, carborundum grit and textured mulberry paper. I created line with thin thread and finally coated the entire plate with gloss medium. From this plate I was able to create several prints in varying colors. Although I wasn’t satisfied with the end result I enjoyed each step of the process and learned some valuable technical lessons.

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