Project 1

For project 1, I created a text lino-cut saying ‘protect our oceans’ to continue to work within the environmental & ocean conservation theme my artwork has taken on. I wanted to include the image of the hermit crab that I had come across in an National Geographic magazine showing how plastic pollution has affected even the smallest of animals that you wouldn’t even think of. Here the hermit crab has relocated itself to a plastic bottle cap rather than a shell due to the astronomical amount of plastic that is currently found on our beaches. I wanted to create a more political/environmental type poster with this assignment. Prior to this I had never carved text into link before, this was an interesting process but I don’t mind my outcome. For our first Graphic Assest assignment I had used the hermit crab from this to place into photoshop.


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    Ryan Seslow says:

    Greta work on this, love the documentation and process picts!
    Lets chat about formatting the structure of the post this week, I need to go over that.
    Thank you!

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