For this 3-D project, I followed the same concept of not knowing what my end result will be. I went through this entire project not knowing what I was going to come up with so I decided to just continue the trend. I started off by looking at my first 2-D project trying to figure out what I was going to do.


After a couple of minutes, I decided to just print out images of my project and work from there. I started to cut and glue different pieces from my project on to a base image. That is when I started to come up with some ideas. I decided that I was going to create just a 3-D based abstract version of my original painting. Cutting and pasting multiple aspects of my painting that I loved the most. I continued until we had to present our project. I did not have an end in mind and still to this day I could just continue to add to this project.

Bringing this into the classroom would be beneficial in many ways. How I would present this would be the same as the 2-D project. This would be an abstract 3-D project with no references, no end result, and no desired outcome. There are no rules with this lesson plan. I believe that this is a good way for students who are shy or not confident in working 3-D to practice and become aware of the endless possibilities.

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