3D Zentangle Boxes

3D Zentangle Boxes


  • Printouts of zentangle animal (zoomed in)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Small boxes (jewelry boxes work well)
  • Small cut out of zentangle animal


  • First, printout zoomed in image of zentangles previously created on white paper.  Make sure to capture all different parts of the zentangle.
  • Begin wrapping box with zentangle paper, similarly to how you would wrap a present with wrapping paper.  Depending on the type and size of box, make cuts in the paper to properly accommodate the edges and curves of the box you are wrapping.  In the classroom, provide students with necessary boxes or have them bring them from home.  As as added step, students can color in their custom wrapping paper with markers or crayons.

  • You have successfully created your own zentangle skin/wrapping paper!
    • My thoughts behind this were to explore the carefully created zentangles of the 2D project.  The 2D project looked unified as a whole elephant, but there is so much detail in the actual doodles that were used to create the elephant.  I wanted to zoom those in and focus on those images for the 3D aspect of this project.


  • You can further enhance your 3D project by adding another element of your zentangle inside the box.  Cut out a tiny image of your zentangle to put inside one of your already wrapped boxes.  Use tape and paper to create a stand to allow the small image to stand up on its own.

  • For my own project, I cut out 2 more small images of my original zentangle to put on the outside of my box.  When the box is closed it looks like a complete elephant face.  When the box is opened, the face separates and you begin to see the elephant image on the inside.



  • Overall, I am happy with my final project.  I think the final step in putting the elephant in the inside of the box and on the outside of the box completed the project and took it that extra step.  I rarely work with 3D materials and so this project was a great way for me to explore creating in different mediums.

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