3D/Newhive Project: Wood face by Yunsang Cho

For my 3D project, I’ve combined natural objects with art. Because my 2D project had a face and flowers collaged, I thought why not create 3D art using real nature things.

First of all, I knew I wanted to have a face painted on to something so I went out to see if I can grab any natural materials I can utilize for this specific project.

It wasn’t easy at first but then I saw pebbles and large wood sticks which I’ve used to create art when I was young.

For my pebble face I put gesso on before putting any colored paints so I can have a paint-friendly surface to work on. Once face was done, I cut a part out of a large piece of wood stick and placed pebble face with wood glue. For my base I had to put my main part on top of wooden base using nails. The whole process was a bit hard but satisfying after all.


When I had to come up with something for my newhive page, I immediately thought of my 3D project and add some type of moving or video effect on top of the image.

Like I mentioned few times earlier, a simplest mechanic can become tricky when it comes to myself who has to use the program.

However, I tried my best to create a veil-effect on my 3D project image. The reason behind of creating veil-effect was simple. My 3D art was actually facing upward so when it stands it looks as if a person is looking up. So I thought what if I create an effect where it looks like stars are falling down on the face?

The final image came out as I wished and I think it does look like stars are falling but I can always upgrade the image by adding more effect which I have to learn in near future.

Working with Newhive was such a challenging process for me but I’m glad that I finished the project on my own and I think I’m at least once step better than myself before.



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