Joe’s Place

Following the awesome 2D projects, we were asked to create a 3D project based on the 2D project. Funny, I actually just got a better idea than the one I originally created. I’ll have to revisit that one!

In any case, I decided to use the “Pops” project. My idea was to take a box and create a peephole in it (I used the ones that go in a door when you want to see who’s knocking). I then lined the entire box with mirrors. Once that was done I placed a digital image of the almost final “Pop” piece. The end result – when you looked through the peephole you did get the “tunnel” effect; but mostly the light just bounced around in there.


I was pretty disappointed, so I created another 3D project that had nothing to do with my 2D project. It’s called “Joe’s place.”

Joseph has a green thumb. The man can grow just about anything and I swear, during the warmer season, he saves us $30-$40 a week on our produce bill! I decided to build him a planter to get the germinating process started while its still a bit chilly outside!




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