642 ZINE Exhibition Summer 2017

“God is love, and love is God.”
– Jude Law, The Young Pope, Episode 8
Is it a coincidence that the word “dog” is “God” spelled backwards? I incorporated color; both versions of my elephant zentangle (full as well as zoomed in pieces of the detail in the doodles) creates a complete composition. This zine is the shit. I do comics and cartoony sort of graphics on the computer, so whenever I do personal work, I like to add a bit of that into it. Starting with an idea based on food, health and function in my 2D piece that transformed into a 3D piece, I was able to create graphic assets to build upon my digital work.
art makes me happy
and i like to create it
whenever i can
(its a haiku lol)
A Boston Terrier who happened to be my best friend for 8.5 years showed me unconditional love and happiness even while he was rapidly deteriorating from prostate cancer. My goal was to explore themes of unsettling environments and the feeling of being watched or a general lack of comfortability. I really just love aliens and the universe… Everything happens for a reason and we should all trust in that. As somebody who has their sun sign in Leo (ruled by Sirius, the dog star), I constantly go through cycles of death and rebirth. We are sort of like the Breakfast Club. With the projects I’ve created in the New Media class, I’ve been experimenting with animations focusing around eyes in Photoshop. These works are not just representative of a dog I called my best friend, but are images of an inner transformation that has led me towards a greater sense of happiness, peace, forgiveness and leadership. In these moving and still works I experimented with movement, color and balance. I’m spiritual like it or not! I’m fascinated on how I can continue to expand my fine art into digital works of art in the future.

With Love,

The Printed Zines

Black and White Machine bound photo copied edition of 50.

Front Cover of the Printed Media Zine

(Arranged by Jennifer Fazin)

Back Cover of the Printed Media Zine

(Arranged by David Shear)


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