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Our Statement

“God is love, and love is God.”
– Jude Law, The Young Pope, Episode 8
Is it a coincidence that the word “dog” is “God” spelled backwards? I incorporated color; both versions of my elephant zentangle (full as well as zoomed in pieces of the detail in the doodles) creates a complete composition. This zine is the shit. I do comics and cartoony sort of graphics on the computer, so whenever I do personal work, I like to add a bit of that into it. Starting with an idea based on food, health and function in my 2D piece that transformed into a 3D piece, I was able to create graphic assets to build upon my digital work.
art makes me happy
and i like to create it
whenever i can
(its a haiku lol)
A Boston Terrier who happened to be my best friend for 8.5 years showed me unconditional love and happiness even while he was rapidly deteriorating from prostate cancer. My goal was to explore themes of unsettling environments and the feeling of being watched or a general lack of comfortability. I really just love aliens and the universe… Everything happens for a reason and we should all trust in that. As somebody who has their sun sign in Leo (ruled by Sirius, the dog star), I constantly go through cycles of death and rebirth. We are sort of like the Breakfast Club. With the projects I’ve created in the New Media class, I’ve been experimenting with animations focusing around eyes in Photoshop. These works are not just representative of a dog I called my best friend, but are images of an inner transformation that has led me towards a greater sense of happiness, peace, forgiveness and leadership. In these moving and still works I experimented with movement, color and balance. I’m spiritual like it or not! I’m fascinated on how I can continue to expand my fine art into digital works of art in the future.

With Love,

3rd Blog- How to make a moving piece of art

This was my first attempt ever at making moving digital art. It was….fun and a little confusing. I used various online forums to create different effects and it was kinda cool

What I did for the particular image above was place the positive image against the negative image and link the layers together. I then set this on a loop to continue on forever. I used photoshop to put the two images on top of one another and alternated between layers.

This image was my first dabble with Click Drag Click. This app is so cool because you click around a certain area that you want to move, encompass it with the mouse and then drag it to where you want it to go. I did this to a photo of flowers to go along with my theme and made the flowers move up and down. I also put several copies of this image next to one another to create a larger final piece.

My last and final piece is a digital collage that I gave some life to. Sort of like a GIF. What I did was using Photoshop, I added multiple layers of different expressive pictures. I added some textures using the filter library and then brought it into another application called GLITCH. There, I used the filter “BITBANG” which gave that cool moving feature.

I am so shocked I was capable of making something that wasn’t tangible let alone make it move (or at least look like it)

3-D Project

For the next project, we were asked to take our original concept from project 1 and enhance it by creating a three-dimensional representation. My first project was very small and detail oriented so for the second, I wanted to give it a little life by adding color. Initially, I thought of creating almost like a dome that you could put your head into and it would rest on your shoulders like the head of deadmau5 exhibited here:

Perhaps a bit bigger so you were able to see what was in there properly.

I decided against the head dome and thought a box might be more interesting. Something as common and inconspicuous looking as a cardboard box and once you put it over your head, you were submerged fully into my dream world!
So I found an old cardboard box laying around and started to construct my world. First, I painted the inside entirely black and sealed the edges with black electric tape so no light was leaking through.

Then I went to the computer and got my first project photos into photo shop. I began playing around with the effects and colored in the largest tree I had, wanted it to be a focus of my piece.

*insert pictures that won’t download so I have to get them from the school computer here*


Finally, I printed a ton of copies of my colorful and edited trees and covered the interior of the box. I used sparkles, hot glue, and other various pictures to give a very dream-like sensation when putting on the box.

I went a little crazy and started gluing pictures to the ceiling and upside-down and I was really happy with how it was turning out. The last step was to cut a hole for the head to go through. I realized I had too many things in the box for this to work so I thought a viewing hole might be a better approach to looking at this. I cut the hole and hated it.

In the end, I decided I wanted to just open the sides of the box and let people actually walk up and look around inside. I placed the box at eye level and encouraged people to come up and look inside.



2-D Project

For this project, we were asked to create a two-dimensional piece of art that represented something we had interest in. The only catch was that it had to be in a style that you were uncomfortable using, or at least that is how I took it. So immediately what came to mind was something that I am comfortable doing: painting on large areas, using an abundance of colors, incorporating a central focus and so on. This got me thinking, “What is the opposite of all that?” I came up with: small, detail oriented work that consists of no color, and something that will probably drive me nuts. So to start, I just began drawing whatever came to mind.

I absolutely hated what I started so I flipped the page and tried again.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. So I just let my mind wonder until I started seeing some shape coming into my work. I thought, “What could make this even harder for me? Body parts!” The most intimidating parts to draw for me personally are the eyes, mouths, and hands. So I started incorporating all three.

After tormenting myself with only the use of 1 pencil, I began to really refine all the details. I did start to like the textures I was creating and began to see the finish line for my work. Naturally, smudging was a big problem when making this because I only used the one pencil. But I really wanted to stick with it and see what I was capable of.

To achieve these small details, I looked up pictures on my phone specifically so they were small themselves. I kept adding textures and lines to create an intricate drawing. As I continued, my goal was to fill up the page using these designs.



Finally, my picture is complete, leaving only a few white spots on the page.