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Translucent Emotions

This piece is titled “Translucent Emotions” was created on To.Be using my original artwork layered over another artists GIF. The work was my first collaborated GIF, I enjoy the dreary and dark energy given off by the piece which works perfectly with my current 2D collections .



2D Project In Oil Painting And It’s Process

For this 2D Project I am describing the process of my oil paintings. When starting a piece I use a traditional renaissance technique called Under-Painting, in which a painted drawing is performed in a monochromatic fashion.

Once the Under-Painitng is finished I than apply numerous layers of color with paint mixtures of classified formulas. These formulas create the ideal skin tones while also adding symbolic color.

After the oil has completely dried, another renaissance technique is applied which is called Glazing. Glazing is when oil paint of specific colors are mixed with a medium called Linseed Oil, making the pigment transparent, creating sleek shadows of color in a short amount of time.

IMG_4184 IMG_4194 IMG_4199 IMG_4228


3D Projection Project Through The Use Of Photoshop

Experimenting with a projection installation through the use of photoshop. I have taken several photographs of myself, manipulating some and than projecting them onto many different walls in order to achieve a hologram effect. The experimental process was very enjoyable while inspiring a whole new approach to making art. This project has also inspired me to animate and project current 2D pieces of work I have created in the past, than projecting the piece onto a blank canvas.

Experimental Process:


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.31.44 PM

Inspired Future Project:

Animated drawings

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2D Project Spring 2016

Documentation of my painting process through the use of oils. I use techniques such as “under-painting” and “glazing” which are traditional approaches to oil painting since the renaissance.  

After the completion of this piece I took traditional Fine Art and transformed it into a modern perspective by making the work into a GIF. (Click GIF below for animation)

IMG_4184 IMG_4194
IMG_4199 IMG_4228