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these are still images altered in glitche and instagram. i began a series of doll pictures, in collaboration with my daughter, she took the photographs and i manipulated the image.

here are two gifs made in class last week.

since then i have become more interested in just altering stills using glitche.

I was in Chelsea this weekend gallery hoping and I saw this artist works at miyako yoshinaga gallery and they looked like they were made from gliche. He’s a new media/ digital photographer here’s a video of his works in a show and his book he made of his work.

Kenta cobayashi


gif made from gliche
my hand developed print

chloes baby doll

kenny sharp




Barbie’s not DEAD

From the beginning I knew I wanted to use a Barbie doll to adhere my skins to for the 3d project. I thought it was the perfect object because I had one already and it’s the best model. While making this work there was no conceptual influence of the ides or concept of the Barbie doll. It was just simply a female figure that I had so I didn’t have to spend money. My original idea was to make one big skin of skin and wrap her body in it. Then after thinking on it I decided to use individual skins of different sections of my body to adhere to her. She ended up with her hair pinned to the wall as my presentation and raised a lot of questions about her real meaning……

self portrait collage

Using my self portraits and the materials I have been working with to create my skins I wanted to create a different piece of work. I decided to make a collage from my photographs by cutting out old work prints and adhering them to plexiglas. I chose to use Plexiglas to sandwich the images so that it was a sturdy structure but also transparent in the negative spaces. I began by coated the Plexiglas in modge podge, it looks like white paint. Then after arranging the images I placed them onto the plexi, I sandwiched the images with another piece of plexi to help adhere them along with clips to hold it together until it was dry. The modge dries clear but you can see the layers, bubbles, and texture from it though the Plexiglas.