Author: Daniellesavarese

3D project

For our 3D assignment I created a woodblock to be a piece that someone could go up to and feel the texture of the wood in the areas that were carved into and to also create prints from the wood. I wanted it to be multifunctional. So I chose animals that live in the ocean, the hammerhead shark because of the shark-finning that has been taking place and causing the number of sharks that exist to decline. The porpoise because I recently discovered there is such a thing as a white porpoise, but there have only been about 15 sightings since the 1970s, the orca due to the backlash SeaWorld received with their care for the animals and how they are perceived as these dangerous “killer” whales. And lastly the humpback whale who were on the brink of endangerment but have been coming back with new life, however the new life is filled with plastic from all the pollution caused by us humans. So I carved them into the wood to preserve these beautiful creatures.

Gif made on photoshop

This was a really cool assignment since I’m not very “tech-savvy” learning how to create a gif was awesome. I feel like instead of googling gifs I want to use I can be original now and create my own. For this first gif, I looked for a picture that was for public use since I have never met Mac Miller before or have any of my own photos good enough to use. I used the water/ripple type filter to make it seem that he is dissolving into the water. I chose this filter because of his final album he created which earned him his first grammy nomination was titled “Swimming” with the passing of Mac I wanted to create a gif that was represented of his album and that even though he is no longer present in this world his music still lives on which is represented in the looping of the gif.

Graphic Asset from Project 1

After creating a graphic asset by using Photoshop to cut out our image (which was a bit of a challenge to someone who is used to using scissors rather than a mouse) I was able to use my hermit crab to create a collaborative photoshop collage using other classmates assets and manipulating them in photoshop using different filters. This was an interesting and challenging project for me but in the end I really enjoy my final outcome using a small piece of everyone’s first project and unify us in a strange way.

Project 1

For project 1, I created a text lino-cut saying ‘protect our oceans’ to continue to work within the environmental & ocean conservation theme my artwork has taken on. I wanted to include the image of the hermit crab that I had come across in an National Geographic magazine showing how plastic pollution has affected even the smallest of animals that you wouldn’t even think of. Here the hermit crab has relocated itself to a plastic bottle cap rather than a shell due to the astronomical amount of plastic that is currently found on our beaches. I wanted to create a more political/environmental type poster with this assignment. Prior to this I had never carved text into link before, this was an interesting process but I don’t mind my outcome. For our first Graphic Assest assignment I had used the hermit crab from this to place into photoshop.