Author: Farina

Animated Layers









A very useful application for creating a new visual vocabulary with numerous possibilities. The combination of animated layers brought a different meaning to photos. I made these by collecting some images from my archive but the result I got was very different that the photos even were not recognizable. An entertaining way of sketching ideas which helped me to feel less serious about the outcome and see what can I get from the filters. I think the image making applications have their own language that need to be understood.


GIF artists :

working on the #3D project provides me to imagine my works within a new visual setting which carries different contexts. My 3d project includes cut out papers on which I made drawing with markers. These small-scale shrubs and trees are the continuation of the series I made on paper. It has been an uncomfortable technique since I started working on because it comes with multiple backgrounds which influence the outcome. Making 3D pieces always comes with difficulties because the artist can not think of one aspect of it but, he should get involved with the place by which the artwork is surrounded.