Author: Joan

Flight Release

This GIF was created in Glitche, saved as a movie, imported into Photoshop and inserted into our Blog. I noticed that the original clarity was compromised during this process. Upon council, Ryan suggested it be created in Glitche, saved as an image, and brought directly into the site. I hope to try and recreate the GIF and see if the resolution is clearer.



Ok so here is the recreated GIF with a different filter. I ended up emailing the final GIF to myself, saving it to the desktop, dropping it into the media folder, and then uploading it to my edited post. It worked! The clarity is like the original that was created in Glitche.


The Making of Flight

“Flight” was created through the use of blown inks, stencils, spray paint, Nupastels, and resin. I created the stencils first and then arranged their placement on the watercolor paper. Ink was carefully, yet spontaneously dripped upon the paper and blown in the general direction that I imagined the energy of the birds would radiate while in motion. Next, I spray painted the stencils allowing the overspray to fall upon the paper. I then added layers of pastel and additional inks to heighten and emphasize the colors and impact of the birds. It was not until the resin was added that I felt the work was complete.

IMG_1133 IMG_1137 IMG_1151 IMG_1160 IMG_1152 IMG_1156 IMG_1157 IMG_1163



What an exciting adventure!! This GIF was created and published in newhive, captured by Quicktime, and then brought into Photoshop.


Flight II

3Da IMG_1265 IMG_1270 IMG_1275 IMG_1278 IMG_1327 IMG_1347 IMG_1349Interpreting my 2D work into a three dimensional work was an investigation into the concept of flight. Using balsa wood, I drew from my architectural design background and built structural wing-like frames that depicted both airiness and lift. Repositioning them and photographing them from various vantage points with a blue projector light offered me the opportunity to see them transform from a work in the round into a graphic depiction of positive and negative space. These new independent works became another transformation in the process of creating a series of works that are both threaded together by a concept yet completely able to stand alone.