Author: miranda

Return to innocence

wawa2       Cloth tiger is a popular kind of Chinese folk art which can be dated back to 2000 years ago. Cloth tiger is also an interesting toy for kids, a good household decoration, a decent gift for friend or simply for personal collection.  In ancient China, people had great admiration for tigers. Tiger symbolizes health, strength and braveness. During the Dragon Boat Festival time it was popularity to give the kids cloth tigers to bless them, hoping that they could grow up healthy and strong. The cloth tiger not only shows the clever hands and deft minds of Chinese women, but also undertakes the benedictions and love from the old to the young generations.

    All the memories from childhood came into my mind: my granny made various kinds of cloth tigers for me. They grew up together with me.  The most important issue about my artwork is the facial expressions of the babies. At the very beginning I thought about creating a sad expression on the faces, although later decided to make them look happy and hilarious because I hope my artwork can communicate the idea that everybody could have a childhood full of love and happiness.