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mas cervezas para el fin de semestre


When in Nicaragua, make GIFs of your cerveza! My favorite method of creating GIFs this semester was using the app Glitche on my cell phone. It was very simplistic and gave me a wide variety of options to edit the way I wanted to. I could also edit the same image in multiple ways creating even more GIFs. I was also able to make a GIF while being away in another country! However, my phone does not taking liking to this app and I have to occasionally restart my phone or it just cancels on me and whatever I was working on disappeared (frustrating x10, almost became a game/race for me to create something before the app closed). I will absolutely keep creating these on my phone and upload them to multiple social media platforms- so excited that I am really enjoying this way of creating. I cannot wait to share with my students and keep exploring. Thank you Ryan!!

Troubleshooting Mahem


I have been having a great amount of fun creating GIFS based on my own photography and mixing it with works of famous art (considering I am an art teacher and look at it all the time). But I have noticed that size of images is so crucial and is causing me so many problems if I don’t resize because platforms cant handle large files. What a pain. When I finally figure out how to get it working it seems the process between quicktime and photoshop to blog is a problem. Above are two that I have made this past week- one is my photography mixed with a student photography and the other is my photography mixed with a matisse painting. All the troubleshooting that I am doing is helping with the learning process but I am fearful it is not helping because I still cant get the anything to move on a platform! SOS!

Update: 4/19 Fixed the fish!



Matisse Vibes

 my first GIF. Henri Matisse Cutouts Vibin’.

Making a GIF for the first time was so much fun. I really had no idea how simplistic it was using tools such as giphy/imgur. But even on photoshop I enjoyed it so much more. Immediately following I began thinking of more ideas I could use and how to apply this in my classroom and introduce this to my students.

CurlyQ Sailor

Wednesday the 30th was Vincent Van Gogh’s 164th birthday and I decided to make a GIF using one of his paintings also. This GIF I wanted to put on social media and I began to run into problems with transferring from computer to Instagram. Eventually I learned that you need to convert it to a MP4 File.