Author: justin capalbo

tyrone remix by Rare

This piece was in response to Tyrone’s Honest Communication piece. Tyrone had left a hidden message on the back of a canvas he had given someone many years ago. He recently txted her telling her to look at the back of the canvas for his message. I decided to make a comical piece pretending Tyrone was making a romantic comedy. justinty

Honest Communication – Justin Capalbo



For this piece I attempted to replicate the way the evening news displays police transcripts. The requirement for the project was that it needed to display honest communication. Tamir Rice was shot down by police while playing with a toy gun. The police did not attempt to talk to the child to assess the situation, but instead fired and killed the child. This is an alternate transcript if the police decided to use their words rather than weapons.

Video Art – Inside 1- Justin Capalbo

This piece was filmed from inside my turtle’s tank. I wanted to see how my pets saw me. I used a gopro and submerged it in water. I interact with my pets everyday, but I wondered how they viewed me. Was I just a distorted image through the glass panel, or could my personality and mannerisms show through.

Justin 2D #2

Justin 2D #2For this piece, rather than cutting up a comic and composing a new panel I decided to change the order of the panels to create a new scene. The playful comic of a boy getting to enter the movie in a movie theatre was turned into a scene of child abuse.

Justin 2D

Comic Remix
Comic Remix

For the comic remix pieces I took a comic strip and changed it’s tone and meaning by constructing a new piece. I cut up comic books that I borrowed from Izzy and scanned them into the computer. I then made a new background and composed a new panel.