Author: Sam

Final Zine Pages


After revising my first Zine page with the middle finger, I decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and actually try to physically collage my piece. I also followed suit of trying to use images of things that are most important to me, one being my 15 year old poodle, Angel. I’m really happy with the new context that I gave my piece (on the left) by layering other imagery with it. I like to think it is kind of the dark-twisted version of the scene in snow white where the animals gather around the main character. I also revised the middle finger page (on the right) by rewriting the lyrics from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song-my favorite band but writing them darker and more organized.


Visiting Giphy was awesome. The office is completely transformative, new aged and seems very conducive to creativity. I really liked listening to Dani and Ari (sp?) although the information on how giphy works and the various projects they work on there seems like everyday business to them, I was hanging on their every word. The idea of putting virtual art into a virtual gallery is going to be revolutionary. I also think that the way the curated the first show- by reaching out to applied artists and inviting them to make a piece makes the new media art world seem so much more accessible to those of us that are intimidated by it.


Here is a Gif I made of Prof. Seslow using GIPHY CAM at GIPHY Headquarters

Work in progress-Zine page

This is a flat image of my previously posted “middle finger gif”. The page is printed for our zine project. I added the text of a song I feel adds to the context of this piece. I want to go over the writing with darker ink and possibly add more collage to my zine projects.