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Transforming to 3D

I wanted to experiment with my own version of combining man-made and nature so I took some of both and created my own.



I found some willow branches and wrapped them with wire using some hot glue to emulate the buds.  When you look at the shadow it is very difficult to differentiate between the branch and the wire.  Proving the relationship between the two.





The photos above were taken while I was working the sculpture the lighting at then end is very important.  Not that impressed with my photography, but I did the best with what I had.

Fabricating Nature Experiment

I was working on an idea when this project was assigned to us.  I explored my idea by starting out with a walk noticing things as I walked along recording the things I saw with my camera.  I take note of the nature around me.

IMG_1450 IMG_1472

Its amazing how man takes things out of nature and marks them with a self serving purpose and than puts than back into nature.

IMG_1010  IMG_0999

IMG_1014 IMG_1017

I draw the man-made objects and than pen and ink them in order to make a silk screen.

The idea that we can mass produce the man made and the nature is painted lets the process describe the relationship.

Pastorelli_Suzi_Fabricating Nature_Series of 12_MFA

The 2D project I did for this class was the first of this series of 12 “Fabricating Nature”



In class on April 12th we learned how to embed our GIFs into photo shop files.  After manipulating the images and creating a GIF with them I made a vine.  I than took the vine and embedded it into wordpress.  So much fun!!!


BRIDGESUN                  CoudyLight

Down at the Beach                                                             Cloudy but Go



Trick Shot  IMGUR


Sabatoge  Giphy