Author: Victoria

3D Project

For my 3d project I took Ziggy’s old cage and suspended feathers from it, and put two iPads at the bottom; one showing a video of coy fish swimming, and the other the same but with a negative filter effect over it. The screens bring the viewer to the inside of the cage expecting to see a bird, but instead see fish swimming.  The feathers add a sense of mystery, and sway in the air. Please see the two videos I uploaded.

2D to Motion Project

For the 2d project I used my sketch of my green cheeked conure, Ziggy Stardust Pendzick in which I had drawn on multiple sheets of white lined notebook paper.  I then took photos of each piece separate on a bulletin board and merged them to make a gif showing the multitude of images building up till the drawing is complete.

It’s a Zine filled class!

A zine is something I really didn’t know too much about before class, being I never really read one…  I love the idea of creating one big collaborative assignment between artists, through a multi-page format magazine.  I think once the class grasped what the project really was about and how to execute it, we started to get some creative and fun zines.  We are printing ours in black and white, but the color versions are so full of life and really flow well from page to page. Once Susie told me to photocopy in the moment and move images around on the photocopier, my zines really came to fruition.  I loved using my film negatives and turning them into positives on the printer and moving them around until I got exactly the layout wanted!

Making Photoshop Gifs

Making Gifs has been an eye-opening experience for me, now that I know how easy they can be to make.  I especially like making them in Photoshop and am realizing how easily I can customize my existing photographs to add video elements. The process has been fun and I am hoping to show some of my recent gifs to you all shortly. This was the first one I made using Photoshop for the ART 642 class, using video and an existing photo. This one is entitled, “Coffee First!”

Giphy Visit

Last week the class met at Giphy Studios in NYC. Dani and Ari showed us around the modern and artistically designed office spaces and gave a great overview of the company. Ari spoke about the Los Angeles office and all the artist collaborations she is in charge of curating at Giphy. While Ari spoke, we each had the opportunity to experience VR. That was my first time and I have to say it was so cool, I would love to experience it again! Overall the company seemed like a fun and unique place to work.