Author: ychofaith

3D/Newhive Project: Wood face by Yunsang Cho

For my 3D project, I’ve combined natural objects with art. Because my 2D project had a face and flowers collaged, I thought why not create 3D art using real nature things.

First of all, I knew I wanted to have a face painted on to something so I went out to see if I can grab any natural materials I can utilize for this specific project.

It wasn’t easy at first but then I saw pebbles and large wood sticks which I’ve used to create art when I was young.

For my pebble face I put gesso on before putting any colored paints so I can have a paint-friendly surface to work on. Once face was done, I cut a part out of a large piece of wood stick and placed pebble face with wood glue. For my base I had to put my main part on top of wooden base using nails. The whole process was a bit hard but satisfying after all.


When I had to come up with something for my newhive page, I immediately thought of my 3D project and add some type of moving or video effect on top of the image.

Like I mentioned few times earlier, a simplest mechanic can become tricky when it comes to myself who has to use the program.

However, I tried my best to create a veil-effect on my 3D project image. The reason behind of creating veil-effect was simple. My 3D art was actually facing upward so when it stands it looks as if a person is looking up. So I thought what if I create an effect where it looks like stars are falling down on the face?

The final image came out as I wished and I think it does look like stars are falling but I can always upgrade the image by adding more effect which I have to learn in near future.

Working with Newhive was such a challenging process for me but I’m glad that I finished the project on my own and I think I’m at least once step better than myself before.



Zine Project by Yunsang Cho

Working on Zine project is truly inspiring since I’m very used to creating 2D or Digital work using paper-based materials.

Both images are representing my current school year and the frustration coming from various works I’m responsible of.

First image, the bear is showing how I actually want to react on things I face in my daily life. Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a robot where I perform every tasks that were given. Maybe I should start thinking of drawing a line on where to take a rest and where to begin again.

Second image, the boat on bookshelf can be self-explanatory just by looking at it. Two people look exhausted sailing over the sea of books and the color of background is definitely giving an unpleasant atmosphere to the viewers. As mentioned, I am writing papers now and I feel very lost in reading so many articles, journals, and books. What I wanted to show was a stressful image which portraying my feelings.

Giphy Visit by Yunsang Cho

I had such a great time visiting Giphy headquarter on April 4th.

Coming from Fine Art background, I had little to no experience being exposed in modern art which includes film making, graphic design, computer art, virtual reality and etc. Upon arrival of Giphy studio, my immediat attention was drawn to desks with Macbooks and people freely working along with a small photo shooting booth. All of those explained how technology has developed within art.

I also felt very privileged to visit Giphy studio as a class where we had a small group discussion with the designers who worked there. We were invited to ask questions and get feedbacks from them and were also given a chance to play with Giphy’s newest application and their own Virtual reality.

My favorite part of the day was playing virtual reality where I had so much fun in getting all engaged in this computer-designed space. To be honest, as fine artist and educator I wasn’t very into modernized art-form due to fear of not knowing how to utilize technology. However, after this mini trip to Giphy Studio I’m more interested in learning Art & Technology than I was ever before.

2D Project: ice cream-face by Yunsang Cho

Working with Giphy Cam was fun and explorative for me.

It was one of the easiest form to get to know the glimpse of video making process in an approachable way.

Because I’m not used to digitizing art, it wasn’t so easy for me to start making art in this way even with such a simple mechanism.

I’ve been exposed to many different camera applications via friends but I think Giphy Cam definitely has its own unique style to draw people in.

Giphy Cam certainly enhances the form of graphic/video art with great tools to edit and add to the original work which I think is very convenient yet efficient.

By exploring and learning through Giphy Cam, I become a little closer to Modern Art.