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2D Project How-To

Step 1: Choose a topic you are interested in.

  • When choosing a topic, make sure you can expand your topic into different ideas and then expand how it relates to you and your art.
  • For example, when I began my project I knew that I have a history of working with the human figure, but how could I look at it differently than I usually do? I’ve spoken about body image before, but this time I chose to talk about what you can put into your body and how it works.

Step 2: How can you artistically talk about your topic in a 2D form, using methods you may not have experimented with in the past?

  • Do you usually draw with charcoal? Why not experiment drawing with pastel? Do you usually paint with color? Why not experiment painting just black and white? What do you consider 2D?
  • Collage was a method I rarely worked in and decided to give another shot. It was almost too much control than I wanted of my art, I’m used to working loosely with an element of surprise.

For the two images above, I used the positive cut out and began to paste rusted machine gears and junk food onto it. When all the space was covered, I flipped it over and cut along the edge of the original figure.

For the two images above I began to paste clean gears and clean food onto paper underneath the negative of the figure. I had to align the paper first to make sure that the negative would be filled correctly. Then I glued the edges so that it would become one piece.

Step 3: Begin experimenting.

  • How can you expand your idea further? What could you do that relates to your topic and is still out of your normal realm of work?
  • I decided to experiment with spray painting as well as painting with natural food.

In the above images, I used spray paint. I went outside and mixed three colors I had to create a background for my positive figure.

For the negative figure above, I used spinach, blueberries, and strawberries in warm water to create a watercolor paint. The colors came out lighter than I expected so I mixed it with a few watercolors to enhance it.

Step 4: Presentation

  • How will you present your images? On the table? On the wall? On the floor? Outside?
  • For mine, I presented them on the wall side by side almost like a diptych.


Though I was not crazy about my outcomes, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and experimenting with new methods and materials expanded my range of possibilities. Later on, I realized it was easier to paint with fruits that stain better like blackberries. I may have considered my backgrounds differently or may not have added them at all. Maybe I should have played with opacity with different papers to marry the figure to its background more cohesively. I could not have come up with these better ideas and considerations if I did not experiment in the first place. It gave me a platform to jump off of to create revisions, new outcomes and expand upon my ideas.

2D to Motion Project

For the 2d project I used my sketch of my green cheeked conure, Ziggy Stardust Pendzick in which I had drawn on multiple sheets of white lined notebook paper.  I then took photos of each piece separate on a bulletin board and merged them to make a gif showing the multitude of images building up till the drawing is complete.

New Kid on the Zine Block

As a first time zine-maker I must admit that the process was enjoyable! My initial thought was to compose a collage. I figured that would be the most obvious approach because as art students we’ve all experienced collaging at some point. But this time was different than the rest because I got to use my own original images. When you think of collage your mind races to high school art class when you had to shift through a pile of magazine clippings and pick out imagery that represents who you are. Then you had to paste those images on top of a silhouetted head that is also supposed to represent you… boring. Here we were able to combine original 2-D work with stills of gifs/videos, free-to-use images (thx NY Public Library) and text to convey an idea.

The antiquated looking photos were pulled directly from the New York Public Library digital collection. There are tons, and I mean tons, of free-to-use images on there.

In class we displayed our zine pages and I had a breakthrough. My pages didn’t have to be so tight and proper. Some of my classmates’ pages looked as if they were all bustled together. They were untidy yet totally appealing. Their original works were hurled together in an unpolished layout with appropriated images, scribbles of text and photocopied repeatedly in true zine fashion.

Now, I realize I haven’t totally conformed to the authentic zine spirit but that’s just not my style. So, in an attempt to embrace the zine fashion I experimented with the photocopier and incorporated some corbels. I placed them directly on the scanner and they came out totally awesome! I cut them out and used them in my composition. I love the contrast the scanner provides. *side note: experiment copying with colored paper*

After this collaboration project I feel as if I graduated from a zine novice to an advanced beginner.

Zine page

I chose this artwork for my zine page because I feel that for me this is the most successful painting from the body of work that I have been working on so far.  I have a hard time feeling that my pieces are “good enough” or “finished”.  The quote I chose to follow the contour of the dream-like floating hair describes that part of my personality.


What a pity to miss that amazing GIPHY tour ! I feel soooo sorry.

I really enjoy the process of learning New Media Art. This is the first time I am working with New Media Art as a means of artistic form and expression. I have to take chances to make my illustrations 3D and use many materials to remodel my work. It is very interesting and is widening my knowledge. GIPHY is an excellent website that we are studying with dynamic figures, gifs, etc. as a resource and inspiration.

I hope we have more opportunities to learn more in the future. Ill never do the wrong thing twice. Sorry….

Project 1: 2D

The title of my first project is “The cat”. I took the photo of my toy and used it to be the background I created for the new work. I created an Illustration to design the girl hugging the cat. I wanted to communicate that I always hold this toy, to express how much I love it.