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What a pity to miss that amazing GIPHY tour ! I feel soooo sorry.

I really enjoy the process of learning New Media Art. This is the first time I am working with New Media Art as a means of artistic form and expression. I have to take chances to make my illustrations 3D and use many materials to remodel my work. It is very interesting and is widening my knowledge. GIPHY is an excellent website that we are studying with dynamic figures, gifs, etc. as a resource and inspiration.

I hope we have more opportunities to learn more in the future. Ill never do the wrong thing twice. Sorry….



Over the past year having you as my teacher, advisor, and mentor at LIU has been such a great experience. Your willingness to go above and beyond as well as your kindness is something I will not forget. I am grateful for getting the knowledge and new ideas that I can bring into my own classroom. Coming to this last class is kind of bittersweet because on one hand I and excited for graduation, but on the other I am sad for everything to come to an end. I will keep in touch with you and look forward to seeing all your creative ideas with art.

-Joseph Barclay

Transforming to 3D

I wanted to experiment with my own version of combining man-made and nature so I took some of both and created my own.



I found some willow branches and wrapped them with wire using some hot glue to emulate the buds.  When you look at the shadow it is very difficult to differentiate between the branch and the wire.  Proving the relationship between the two.





The photos above were taken while I was working the sculpture the lighting at then end is very important.  Not that impressed with my photography, but I did the best with what I had.