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To.Be Gif Art – Kristin Laudicina

For all of my Gif animations I chose to work on the website.  For some strange reason I had many issues with NewHive including just being unable to log in at random times.  Frustrated, I decided to stick with  A lot of my ideas stemmed from an initial drawing, which I then animated as a Gif, which I then created a little “scene” for.


The one below, my first attempt, was inspired by my first 2D project. Since I took so many selfies and my piece was a self portrait painting, I thought it would be fun to animate the many selfies along with my “selfie” artwork. I chose to put it in a frame and have a few onlookers enjoying the “art”.

One thing I noticed, and I’m unsure if it behaves the same way on NewHive, is that opacity in gifs does not show up faded on the website, but instead looks pixelated (see light in above field). Something to keep in mind when creating gifs.

The one above, which I kept calling “O Captain, My Captain” in my head, sprung about from a piece I created in Illustrator and Photoshop of Captain America. From there I wondered what could the old captains scene should be and voila, buildings and fire were born.

My next creation came from the animated gif of a giraffe I drew many years ago. Where else might you find a bad ass cigarette smoking giraffe but locked away in a jail cell. The poor child can hardly believe what he’s seeing.

The above began with the fish, which I painted and then edited in photoshop to have see through “bones”. I decided to animate the fish, put it in the ocean, and add melting skittles from a previous project that I just really enjoy.

This was where I began to try to breakaway from the whole “scene” I had been creating thus far. I wanted to just make something, anything, that didn’t look like a little, well, scene. I used a graphic image I had created and a background I found online. A simple gif of an inverted background flashing can give anything a cool effect (imho).

The one above was from a graphic design course I took during my undergrad. We created “pop out” images, and while the initial static image I made had the woman with her leg dangling from the frame, but I felt animating it slightly gave it that little something extra it needed (aaaaand I’m back creating tiny little scenes).

So I created a Gif from another drawing and thought, “wow she looks worried, what could possibly be going on?” Earth on fire? That’ll do it.

Okay back to simple. Again I took an image I had created (melty lightbulb) and found a nice flame Gif on Giphy.

So for this guy I used an Gif I had created for my 3D project and edited it on Giphy to create that cool drippy eye (this will be used again in future fields because I really like it).

And theres the eye again. That eye, was my inspiration. I initially wanted to create an outline of a girl that looked as though she was holding up her arms and holding a frame in front of her face (I used this in a future field) but once I put the drippy eye behind it, I liked that it was simple and left the frame off.

So this was my collage which is just a wish mosh of craziness made even more crazy by animating a few pieces. I used already created gifs to give it a little something extra.

Back to trying to keep it simple, we have the girl with the frame and my Gif selfie. The background is a song I had stuck in my head all throughout class when we initially learned how to create Gifs. There are two versions, this one, (which I suppose is the original and plays during the end of The Darjeeling Limited) and this cooler remake by NoFx.

Elephant Zentangle Gifs and Animations

I explored creating a lot of gifs with my elephant zentangle.  I started by creating a graphic asset of my elephant zentangle in Adobe Photoshop which I was then able to incorporate with color backgrounds. other images.

Then, I started experimenting with different background images and putting my elephant zentangle head on an actual elephant. I played around with Color Balance and Hue and Saturation in Photoshop.

After exploring in Photoshop. I searched for images of elephants. Being a huge Disney fan, I came across this Dumbo gif, and decided to create my own animation with it. I created this gif in Adobe Premiere. I fit my elephant zentangle over dumbo’s face and animated it moving with the motion of dumbo’s face. After rendering the animation in Premiere, I then uploaded it to to create a continuous loop of it.


I created my animation in Adobe After Effects.  The radial design was created with different shapes and rotating them in a circular motion.  I then put the elephant zentangle on top of the radial design and experimented rotating it around to complete my animation.  Lastly, I added sound and rendered the composition.  The animation was published through Vimeo and posted to NewHive.

Elephant Radial Design from Stephanie Buscemi on Vimeo.

After creating gifs and animations of my image, I wanted to take the doodle one step further.  In Photoshop, I used the puppet warp tool to make the trunk of the elephant move.  I then created gifs of the trunk moving.

Lastly, I searched for images of baby elephants. I then put the images of the moving trunk head on top of the baby elephant image to create the feel that the elephant was alive and moving. I experimented with the backgrounds in Photoshop as well.

David Shear’s Gifs

This Gif is based on an Inuit Mythical Creature called the Qalupalik, which is said to lurk under the ice and prey on small children who wander out onto its territory at night.

This Gif is called “Granny Warhol” and gives me a headache to look at.

2D to Motion Project

For the 2d project I used my sketch of my green cheeked conure, Ziggy Stardust Pendzick in which I had drawn on multiple sheets of white lined notebook paper.  I then took photos of each piece separate on a bulletin board and merged them to make a gif showing the multitude of images building up till the drawing is complete.

Giphy Trip!!

First off- how awesome would it be to have a work place like that?
I’m not sure what I was imagining this place to look like- but it was definitely /not that./
Constant movement- and every screen or monitor was looping gifs, just as a backdrop- and everyone just going about their business as if they weren’t working at the coolest place imaginable….

I’ve never personally experienced VR before- and, for lack of a better term, my mind was blown. I like that they didn’t allow us to see what was happening through the monitor- so it was a complete surprise as to what we were about to experience… A Virtual exhibition… I never would have thought! So far removed from a traditional gallery- it was truly incredible! I’m not sure how- but that’s definitely something I’m going to explore in the near future. Like as soon as possible.

It was also kind of nauseating? That was really unexpected.. Dropping down into the ocean.. I felt my stomach drop along with it!!

Then there was one little secret machine to make our own gifs on the spot!!

The final hit.. was starting to leave the place, and someone’s computer was open to a giphy page that was searching up K-pop gifs.

How is that not my job.

Who is getting paid cash money to look up k-pop gifs.


-Susan Kelly