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Week #12 – Print-ables, Cut N’ Paste & ZINE Making

Thursday 4/18 ‘s class will be a ZINE-making Workshop!

Lets gather some of our work and discover how we can re-compose, transform and re-apply the digital works we have been creating this semester. Lets explore converting digital files into print media and applied collage works.

Lets make a collaborative ZINE! Of course you can make your own, but the class will collaborate on one as well. Both a printed version and a digital one for our class website. (Check out what students did last year and over the summer here)

At this point of the semester we have created a series of images and various works both static, moving and animated.

I would like for you extract a series of still frames from the animated works that have been created.

An example of this would be the gif that you see below. Its a collage that I made using Newhive. It consists of several graphic assets. I took a screen shot of the image (on the mac keyboard you can press the Command Key, the Shift Key and the #3 key (in that order) to take a screen shot of your entire work space on screen) this will produce a still frame of the entire screen. (see below this gif)

The screen shot will look like this above at first. Open the file in photoshop and crop away what is not needed. See the example below to follow along.

We have access to good printer in our classroom that allows for 11″x17″ print out-put. We will explore this and crop our images into the Zine size of 8.5″ X 11″

The Tools of the cut N’ paste trade are below: 

Please bring these items to class this coming week! You will need them for sure.

(I also have extra to share if you don’t have them)

Week #11 – VIDEO ART

MFA Show Content Remix Video Art Works (Example Above)

Part 1 – Google Drive Folder for uploading & obtaining Graphic Assets from the MFA show-

** ADD your assets to the folder, download a few and hack/remix them into new works.

1. Hack the work of one of your classmates using one or more mobile apps and or pixlr or photoshop. Place the outcomes in the shared folder.

2. The example above was generated purely from my iPhone using various mobile apps to create different effects. The clips were then spliced together using the “Clips app” for iPhone.

3. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process.


Part 2 – Google Drive Folder for the ART642 GIF the Portrait collaboration / remixes –

  1. Hack / remix the GIF collaboration piece by obtaining the files. The Remix can be done via the mobile apps we have discussed in class.

2. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process



Part 3 – Pulling it all together – Splicing clips, fragments, images & more to communicate a specific idea 

  1. Class Video Art collaboration – Site on scene work in class tonight!

ART642 Meets at the Steinberg Museum on 4/4 @ 5:45pm

Dear Class – Don’t forget!

ART642 Meets at the Steinberg Museum on 4/4 @ 5:45pm to view and discuss the MFA Show.

CONGRATS to our Graduating MFA Students!


Google Drive Folder for uploading Graphic Assets

** ADD your assets to the folder.

  1. Hack the work of one of your classmates using one or more mobile app and or pixlr or photoshop. Place the outcomes in the shared folder.


Websites I found Interesting


When I was researching websites that were about graphic design I found a lot of artist’s websites. I enjoyed these three artists the most because they have a very bright and fun feel in their work and websites. Each one sets up their website in ways that make the viewer understand the complexity of their work. My favorite artist is Hicks because of the way he illustrates his birds. When clicking on the image I was able to then read about the artwork in a few sentences. I enjoyed that the most because I was able to relate to his work on a deeper level. The other websites did similar things but what I was really attracted to was their artwork. Moross is a wonderful artist because she uses fine arts and then converts it to digital. She then uses them for labels for different companies. Nieminen uses her work to create these small worlds and then puts them on packaging as well. Each one of their websites are very interesting and make it easy to understand their work.

GIF artists :

working on the #3D project provides me to imagine my works within a new visual setting which carries different contexts. My 3d project includes cut out papers on which I made drawing with markers. These small-scale shrubs and trees are the continuation of the series I made on paper. It has been an uncomfortable technique since I started working on because it comes with multiple backgrounds which influence the outcome. Making 3D pieces always comes with difficulties because the artist can not think of one aspect of it but, he should get involved with the place by which the artwork is surrounded.


3-D to Electronic Flow

3-D to Electronic Flow Project #2 and #3: 

Project #2 was to create a 3-D project with a material of our choice and to think about how you would like to display that work whether it be with lights or in any digital enhancements. For my project, I had created a paper sculpture. I had manipulated the paper that I had and cut into it them into different shapes and sizes. Here are some images that represent my process stages for once I had assembled the paper:


After being given the suggestion to play with the idea of adding lighting with the piece, Farina and I had started to play around with lighting by taking photos and creating videos. Soon after some videos were made, Professor Seslow has suggested creating a gif version of the videos and photos and introduced us to the App Imgplay. Imgplay is GIF Maker App.This is an app that can make GIFs using photos, live photo, burst photos, and video at the easiest. You can also make animated GIFs or videos by editing only a part of the video. After playing with the app and creating a gif of my liking. I really enjoyed this project due to how I learned to take a 3-d Object and still create a 3-d form through a digital platform. The photo at the top is my finished product of the project.