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Week #9 – New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More

Welcome to Week #9!

Last week’s homework assignment asked you:

What new media artists, new media websites or individual new media based art works are inspiring you?

We discussed, these sources can also be blogs or online platforms – which ones do you resonate with?

Why are these artists, art works, websites / blogs important important to you?

Explore and prepare to share a list of at least 2-3 URLS (or more) to bring into class on 3/28. Please e-mail to me the links that you have saved – send them to one e-mail address only only –> (You can do this at the beginning of class tonight)

We will be viewing and sharing a series of the urls in class. Not only that, we are going to archive those links into this blog post as a resource, as well as adding the content it to our growing list on the course resources page.

John Fekner / Ryan Seslow Collab – NuART Festival, Norway 2017


PART 2 –

  1. Mobile App Experimentation Re-cap. File format conversions, questions.

2. Formatting blog posts on the ART642 website. It takes practice and a bit of trouble shooting 🙂


New Media Art, Art Works, Artists & More – Links:


‘Light Waves’ was exhibited at the Parish Art Museum –


Artist Doug Aitken –


Spring 2019 Projects: The Time

For this semester, my project theme will be the time. I don’t know is that just me or someone else have a feeling that 24 hours a day is not enough. Maybe I am just not good at time management. Or, I just admit it to myself that I am not the morning person. The feeling is like, I cannot get up early because I am sleepy; I still don’t want to go to bed at 12:00 when I feel exhausted because there is something need to be done at that moment emotionally. It is like a circle that I can not let myself to get out.

Based on these, I decided to create a character that has the time control magic. (Yes, in order to satisfy my time fantasy. Haha)

Project#1: 2D

Title: Time Traveling

(My process video for project#1)

This is my first time to use Procreate to create a complete illustration. It is self-learning, so it is not perfect as an illustration. However, I do have much fun playing around all the brushes and colors.

FYI, it can automatically record all your work process.

Class collage:

The concept of this work is time frozen. It is impossible to actually frozen time, even the magic. The magic can make the time stop for a while but not forever. So, I placed many colors around my character. The character, herself is black and white because she can stop her time not others.

I didn’t have this feeling until I start to write this blog: Last semester, Ryan said” it is impossible that all of us will be here, same class, same day, same time again. “It is like, everyone has their own timeline, both exist separately and connected.

Project#2: 3D

Title: Time Guardian

The Process:


For project#2, I changed the character’s hairstyle and pose. I place a lot of time elements next to/behind her instead of holding a magic umbrella. The key point of this project is arranging all these layers, adding them vertically or horizontally, and using heavy duty double-sided tape to create 3D effects. It is a little upset that I didn’t come up with the idea that makes these clock hands moveable. (Sadly, I don’t remember who gave me this idea during the class critique, Thank you, I appreciate it!)

This advice actually gave me an idea about how to create GIF for this character. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the project#3 GIF/Video yet. However, the concept will be all the clock and clock hands move in several different directions.







3D project

For our 3D assignment I created a woodblock to be a piece that someone could go up to and feel the texture of the wood in the areas that were carved into and to also create prints from the wood. I wanted it to be multifunctional. So I chose animals that live in the ocean, the hammerhead shark because of the shark-finning that has been taking place and causing the number of sharks that exist to decline. The porpoise because I recently discovered there is such a thing as a white porpoise, but there have only been about 15 sightings since the 1970s, the orca due to the backlash SeaWorld received with their care for the animals and how they are perceived as these dangerous “killer” whales. And lastly the humpback whale who were on the brink of endangerment but have been coming back with new life, however the new life is filled with plastic from all the pollution caused by us humans. So I carved them into the wood to preserve these beautiful creatures.

Gif made on photoshop

This was a really cool assignment since I’m not very “tech-savvy” learning how to create a gif was awesome. I feel like instead of googling gifs I want to use I can be original now and create my own. For this first gif, I looked for a picture that was for public use since I have never met Mac Miller before or have any of my own photos good enough to use. I used the water/ripple type filter to make it seem that he is dissolving into the water. I chose this filter because of his final album he created which earned him his first grammy nomination was titled “Swimming” with the passing of Mac I wanted to create a gif that was represented of his album and that even though he is no longer present in this world his music still lives on which is represented in the looping of the gif.

Graphic Asset from Project 1

After creating a graphic asset by using Photoshop to cut out our image (which was a bit of a challenge to someone who is used to using scissors rather than a mouse) I was able to use my hermit crab to create a collaborative photoshop collage using other classmates assets and manipulating them in photoshop using different filters. This was an interesting and challenging project for me but in the end I really enjoy my final outcome using a small piece of everyone’s first project and unify us in a strange way.

Kelseys Artwork

Hello Class,

Below is my work so far in our New Media class.

This is the first GIF I made using Photoshop. It was a lot easier than I expected. Creating each image as its own file made it possible to assemble the project in photoshop. From there I was able to save the GIF for the web.

This was the second GIF I made using photoshop. I decided to use an image from the METS public domain website. While in this class I learned about the importance of using images from the public domain search filter. This helps to prevent any kind of plagiarism when creating artwork.

This image is the first project I made using photoshop. It was difficult for me to create this image because I found it hard to remember all the steps. The key shortcuts also tripped me up a few times. Learning the steps and shortcuts by working with the program and repeatedly using them definitely helped me to become smarter with the program though. Now I can use them with a bit more ease.

When making this video I used two different media apps. The first app I used was Glitche. This app was my favorite because I was able to eliminate the background of my images easily. From there I made several different images that were slightly different using the filters with the app. I then assembled them together using IMG Play. This app made my images come together in GIF format. I found this process of making GIFS much easier due to my ability to use my phone. I am much more familiar with my phone than photoshop.

Out of all the projects we have made so far this is my favorite. I like the way the photo became more clear at the end of its cycle. I was able to also fragment the first few images using the filters tool in photoshop. I think that it became easier for me to remember how to use all the key shortcuts and steps during this project because of all the time we have spent practicing and creating new artwork. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to complete this project much faster than all the others.

2-D to Collaborative Assets

Class Project #1 Collaborative Assets

At the start of the semester, Our assignment was to create a 2-D project that we would eventually be used to create our assets for the next project. I worked with my hippo prints and cut them up to create something new. This was the first time I had cut up my work.

After the 2-D project, we learned in how to use the pen tool in Photoshop. We used it to grab one part of our image so that we would be able to make a collaborative piece. What we had created were called “assets”. These are my outcomes from the Collaborative Assets project:

I really enjoyed this project. I liked all the different outcomes. Most of the class either went for a very bright themed piece or had turned their work into black and white. Each piece is so different due to the fact that each person created a different narrative for their work. My favorite part of the whole project was actually taking everyone’s photos and trying to manipulate them into a piece of my own. I feel as thought my Giraffe piece is playing a game of “Can you find your photo?” and I feel that it adds a fun aspect to the project. This exercise will influence my work or process in the future maybe by having the ability to bring my work to the digital platform and creating something completely new just from a photo.


Jessica Hart