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Last week we had the great opportunity of visiting GIPHY headquarters in Manhattan. We each took turns experiencing their new VR program featuring a museum of gifs by a select few of over 1,300 GIPHY artists. It was extremely cool to be immersed in this virtual world even going as far as feeling the sensation of falling through the portals through the multiple dimensions. Here are some gifs made through the GIPHY website!! We even had a sneak peak of their newest app.

And quick tour of the headquarters!

The staff put together a showcase of their favorite gifs on a large screen for us to view and let us use their gif camera to make a series of gifs!

Project #1: 2D

For the 2D Project I selected an illustration made with micron ink, oil paint and glaze on a gessoed wooden panel. I took a picture of the image with my iphone and animated it using the Motion Portrait app.

Original Illustration

I uploaded the .mov file onto Instagram and used the Amaro filter to change the colors.

I then uploaded the edited file with the Giphy Cam app and used the VHS filter to create the final gif animation.

Giphy Cam