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1970’s XXX

No, not really. 🙂 I just could’t think of a better title for this… and quite honestly it actually does remind me of what the theme of the beginning of a 1970’s XXX movie just might begin. I mean… I don’t KNOW FOR SURE… but, well, you can judge for yourself.

Welcome to my first real video sample (in New Media class).




Over the past year having you as my teacher, advisor, and mentor at LIU has been such a great experience. Your willingness to go above and beyond as well as your kindness is something I will not forget. I am grateful for getting the knowledge and new ideas that I can bring into my own classroom. Coming to this last class is kind of bittersweet because on one hand I and excited for graduation, but on the other I am sad for everything to come to an end. I will keep in touch with you and look forward to seeing all your creative ideas with art.

-Joseph Barclay


Found my favorite way to create on with this course is through placing videos in transparent areas within a photograph (most often with flowers). This time I used a Dahlia (along with some different sized stencils of the same dahlia flower), a video of a lake and dock, and a bright blue background. So fun to make!

Flowers, Spraypaint, and White Buildings

My goal was to make it look like this flower video was projecting onto a white building. When I originally tried this I didn’t like the way that the black background completely took over the white space so I decided to make it like a small floating frame over the original building. I played with spray paint in and then made the frame of the video and photoshopped picture to give it an extra border. Overall, I like the vibe of this piece. Check it out on as well if you’d like :).