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Zine is such a fresh and interesting way to express yourself. I think that one thing I learned from our guest speaker is how differently people label art. It doesn’t have to be something you spend hours on. Creating a zine is fun way to just have fun and be yourself.

I think with the zine that i created i wanted to show the beauty in nature. All of my works are inspired by things that I see in nature. The zine that I created has roots in my old paintings. I used to draw owls as a project and this zine has helped me to rekindle that love. I think it’s important for everyone to take the time and experience and love nature.

Zinester 101

How to become a Zinester



This was my first attempt making pages for the class zine. I took a copy of a drawing and then printed another image on top of it which I had used in a gif experiment. I played around with different sizes for the heart before deciding on this composition.



For this page, I took 4 screenshots of my gif that was made using the ultrapop app of an old ink drawing which was later manipulated in giphy cam. I added two cropped images from a ink drawing on the left and a painting on the right of hair details. I wanted to give the background texture. I also included a repeated b&w image from a cd insert to add a sense of movement and contrast against the bright colors echoed with the image the left.



The backdrop is also a screenshot from a motion portrait gif I posted here earlier. I found ripping the edges of the images made it easier for me to blend the images together into one piece. I added the text from a magazine copy and cd insert tracklist. The raven drawings were also screenshots from a gif.



I added three screenshots from the aforementioned gif but this time in black and white. The “Witness Me” text is a copy from a rubber stamp I made and “Never don’t mind about a thing” lyric was made using letter stickers individually placed on acetate for a previous screen-printing projected and reduced in size.



I liked the repetitive imagery in the last page so I tried using it again but layered text over the eyes this time. I really liked this effect and will consider it in future pieces. The backdrop is a copy from a wooden panel piece. I added a magazine texture on the right to break up the space.



The “goodbye” text is from an instagram post. I liked the finality it gave to the completed page. I used a detail from a drawing for the bottom texture. This is my favorite page so far because of the composition and range in values. I felt I had more of an understanding of how to control the layout so it didn’t look too busy. 

Zine run!!

First off!! I was so psyched to finally get a chance to make a new zine! I’m constantly collecting new print media and odd findings, and I often have trouble finding a good time to sit and actually combine and copy them into pages. So with this assignment, I was forced to take the time and examine what I had gathered!

I copied things where ever I could. While I was at work- in the art department office- the print studio- (often getting sent away because I was “using too much paper that I didn’t pay for.”) – I’d copy my stencils, the prints off of them or copy the stencils themselves- my sketches- my never ending to do lists- my own hair- anything I found on my person- or anything that I could physically hold over a copy machine, I copied it.

After gathering an entire box’s worth of media, I then began cutting and rearranging pieces to fit together- or completely contrast each other. Here are three collage style pages:

After collaging images together, I would then take the pages and crop them by using the photocopy machine size limitations. I solely used the photocopy machine for merging images, no collaging was done with photoshop. For uploading to this blog post, I used photoshop to crop and lighten the pages. In the past I’ve only created zines in black in white, just because it’s more readily available, and easier to share online and spread. I have a color printer at home, but it is always out of color ink.. I also enjoy the gritty-ness of the black and white photocopies- where the more you copy something, the more unrecognizable it becomes.

I made a personal zine consisting of 19 pages, and I will be contributing as many pages as needed for The Class Zine.

-Susan Kelly