Giphy Trip!!

First off- how awesome would it be to have a work place like that?
I’m not sure what I was imagining this place to look like- but it was definitely /not that./
Constant movement- and every screen or monitor was looping gifs, just as a backdrop- and everyone just going about their business as if they weren’t working at the coolest place imaginable….

I’ve never personally experienced VR before- and, for lack of a better term, my mind was blown. I like that they didn’t allow us to see what was happening through the monitor- so it was a complete surprise as to what we were about to experience… A Virtual exhibition… I never would have thought! So far removed from a traditional gallery- it was truly incredible! I’m not sure how- but that’s definitely something I’m going to explore in the near future. Like as soon as possible.

It was also kind of nauseating? That was really unexpected.. Dropping down into the ocean.. I felt my stomach drop along with it!!

Then there was one little secret machine to make our own gifs on the spot!!

The final hit.. was starting to leave the place, and someone’s computer was open to a giphy page that was searching up K-pop gifs.

How is that not my job.

Who is getting paid cash money to look up k-pop gifs.


-Susan Kelly

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