mas cervezas para el fin de semestre


When in Nicaragua, make GIFs of your cerveza! My favorite method of creating GIFs this semester was using the app Glitche on my cell phone. It was very simplistic and gave me a wide variety of options to edit the way I wanted to. I could also edit the same image in multiple ways creating even more GIFs. I was also able to make a GIF while being away in another country! However, my phone does not taking liking to this app and I have to occasionally restart my phone or it just cancels on me and whatever I was working on disappeared (frustrating x10, almost became a game/race for me to create something before the app closed). I will absolutely keep creating these on my phone and upload them to multiple social media platforms- so excited that I am really enjoying this way of creating. I cannot wait to share with my students and keep exploring. Thank you Ryan!!

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