Week #7 – Animation / GIFs & Net Art

Lets continue our animation exercises working with frame by frame animations by creating GIFs using adobe photoshop (and maybe clickdragclick.com )

Lets jump into both an individual series of exercises and also a collaborative one – Lets GIF the Portrait!

Click the link to investigate and prepare for class-time awesomeness. Continued GIF making techniques using Adobe photoshop. Image manipulation exercises. Each student will contribute to the GIF the Portrait collaboration and later publish an individual blog post about the process. (sign ups and log ins to our class website)

GIF the Portrait submissions will consist of one GIF animation using a “portrait” – plus submitting one single still frame .jpg file sized at 8.5″X11″ – (class demo)

Questions to consider after learning and applying the techniques learned in the demo:

1. What is a portrait? How can the literal objective definition be expanded upon?
2. What would you like to communicate and express through a “portrait” via the use of looping motion graphics.

Let this fuel your next series of animated GIFs.


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    Kathleen Celestin-Parks says:

    This was a great exercise. I think I would like to tweak mine and play with the size of my portraits so that they can pulsate, as well as have a filter change on each frame.

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