Wavy Collage

This image began as a still paper collage. Instead of scanning in my collage, I went back to the graphics I had used to create it. Using newhive I was able to layer my collage pieces back together except for the moving mouth. To create the wavy mouth I used MOSH (my favorite) to animate it. I had to go back into Photoshop and to turn it into a graphic asset but in GIF format. I then layered it on top of the rest of my newhive collage. With QuickTime I was able to make a screen recording of my finalized newhive collage and moved it into Photoshop. Since the file was way too big with over 300 image layers, I had to break it down into just 30 and save it as a GIF.

If I were to teach this in the classroom I would encourage my students to begin with their own graphic assets to create a paper collage. From there they could go back and animate one large part of their collage or a few small parts. Though the process is tedious and involves a lot of back and forth between Photoshop and newhive, the outcome is well worth it.

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