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3D Project – Statue Documentation


This is my 3D project.  Here, you can see the comics that I glued on the sides of it, as well as the string and paint job.  I was mostly trying to see which format would photograph best, and then see which is the best side for the shadow projection (for the Dancing Shadows GIF).  In order to get the paint and images to photograph their best, it’s best to use the correct lighting and the correct background (hence, why photography studios are so bright and they have very specific backgrounds; the shiny ones where they photograph objects on).  Each side has its strong points and weak points (hence, why it was so fun to photograph).

3D Project – Shadows


Here are the shadows of my 3D project.  I rotated the statue around as I photographed the shadows in the background (on a wall).  The dancing shadows are projected on a wall (flat).  If I were to project the shadows on a more textured surface (like boxes), different results will occur.  The thin lines that are seen on the shadows are string that was tied to the statue (making a complex web) which help the statue shadows.

3D Project – Branches


These photos show my thought process on making the branches of my piece, ‘The Nine Realms.’  I had cut them all out of cardboard, and I painted them.  I had used an old drawing of an ancient sea serpent for the body, which I cut up and glued onto the branches and the main body of the tree.  The half-circles are the pieces used to stabilize the tree and to hold the skinnier pieces of the trunk together.  Later, I glued the largest roots to the half circles as a base to connect the supports.

3D Project – Tree


This is a slideshow of the ‘Tree’ part of my 3D project.  The images show the final piece (in its colors, collages, pieces, and assembly.)  I had to use the glue gun to glue the branches, roots, and pieces together.  After it was assembled, it still looked fragile, so I used colorful string to tie it together so each part is connected to something else.