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Zine run!!

First off!! I was so psyched to finally get a chance to make a new zine! I’m constantly collecting new print media and odd findings, and I often have trouble finding a good time to sit and actually combine and copy them into pages. So with this assignment, I was forced to take the time and examine what I had gathered!

I copied things where ever I could. While I was at work- in the art department office- the print studio- (often getting sent away because I was “using too much paper that I didn’t pay for.”) – I’d copy my stencils, the prints off of them or copy the stencils themselves- my sketches- my never ending to do lists- my own hair- anything I found on my person- or anything that I could physically hold over a copy machine, I copied it.

After gathering an entire box’s worth of media, I then began cutting and rearranging pieces to fit together- or completely contrast each other. Here are three collage style pages:

After collaging images together, I would then take the pages and crop them by using the photocopy machine size limitations. I solely used the photocopy machine for merging images, no collaging was done with photoshop. For uploading to this blog post, I used photoshop to crop and lighten the pages. In the past I’ve only created zines in black in white, just because it’s more readily available, and easier to share online and spread. I have a color printer at home, but it is always out of color ink.. I also enjoy the gritty-ness of the black and white photocopies- where the more you copy something, the more unrecognizable it becomes.

I made a personal zine consisting of 19 pages, and I will be contributing as many pages as needed for The Class Zine.

-Susan Kelly