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3D Project – Statue Documentation


This is my 3D project.  Here, you can see the comics that I glued on the sides of it, as well as the string and paint job.  I was mostly trying to see which format would photograph best, and then see which is the best side for the shadow projection (for the Dancing Shadows GIF).  In order to get the paint and images to photograph their best, it’s best to use the correct lighting and the correct background (hence, why photography studios are so bright and they have very specific backgrounds; the shiny ones where they photograph objects on).  Each side has its strong points and weak points (hence, why it was so fun to photograph).

3D Project – Shadow Experimentation


These shadows were an experimentation that I did with my statue.  I was busy testing different modes on my camera as I tried to get the types of shadows correct.  I later used a different way to project the shadows (large white walls are unbelievably useful for photographing shadows) instead of blank canvases.  While the canvases are bad in trying to get a good single shadow, I might try something different in which I’m photographing shadows on multiple canvases arranged at different angle, heights, and sides.



Ok, here is my 2D project.  This piece is called “Yggdrasil,” but to be more specific, it is called “Yggdrasil: Midgard” since this is part of a series (I’ll make the other eight pieces at a later date.)  So, why the name?  It’s because I got it from the name of the World’s Tree in Norse Mythology.  Midgard is Earth, and this is an interpretation of Earth.  We see the U.F.O. (symbolizing technology), Spider-Man (for the people of Earth), the sea monster (for both the animals and the Midgard Serpent), and the golden border with runes (for the languages and writing of Earth.)  This is a collage piece that I did, with pieces of cut-out comic books and paint covering an old canvas.  I was experimenting with paint to make the background and to give it the bumpy texture.

For the canvas, I was  testing old paint styles on it, and when it was done, instead of throwing it out, I decided to keep it.  When this project came up, I went to gluing comic strips on in, and applying paint on top.  I was experimenting with lots of paint, water, glue, and comic strips, before I came up with the final background.  I then glued the characters that we see on top, and then I was happy with my piece.