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Week #11 – VIDEO ART

MFA Show Content Remix Video Art Works (Example Above)

Part 1 – Google Drive Folder for uploading & obtaining Graphic Assets from the MFA show- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NP87t0q2JMmX7ItuKUHTyTJ3A5i1_d9E

** ADD your assets to the folder, download a few and hack/remix them into new works.

1. Hack the work of one of your classmates using one or more mobile apps and or pixlr or photoshop. Place the outcomes in the shared folder.

2. The example above was generated purely from my iPhone using various mobile apps to create different effects. The clips were then spliced together using the “Clips app” for iPhone.

3. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process.


Part 2 – Google Drive Folder for the ART642 GIF the Portrait collaboration / remixes –  


  1. Hack / remix the GIF collaboration piece by obtaining the files. The Remix can be done via the mobile apps we have discussed in class.

2. Post your work to the art642 website with a little detail about your process



Part 3 – Pulling it all together – Splicing clips, fragments, images & more to communicate a specific idea 

  1. Class Video Art collaboration – Site on scene work in class tonight!

Week #8

Welcome back Everyone!

Lets re-cap week #7 – https://art642.com/gifs/week-7-animation-gifs-net-art/

The GIF the portrait project is currently being worked on by 4 different colleges in NY/NYC at the moment, we will be contributing the larger whole.

Did you submit your Single Frame? Need a re-cap? Read on below, but first this:



This is my current roster (below) of go-to mobile apps for digital art making. Mobile apps have come a long way. Many of them have the ability to cross synchronize with popular desktop applications as well as produce high resolution and large file output (both static and video).

Most of these apps are not free, but, they are well worth the small investment (all of which are under $5.00)

Our Class Resources page hosts a list of apps that can be explored, lets download one or two and apply some of the works that we have generated thus far in our class. Lets talk about mobile file formats and how to output GIF files to Video files, and Video files to GIF files. Lets apply a “screen recording” process and cross synthesize our works to create various new textures, filters and visual effects.

Tutorial time.


Did you submit your Single Frame? Need a re-cap? Read on below, but first:

A few weeks ago we began the collaborative GIF the Portrait Project. Working with the digital version of the project, students continue learning the basics of adobe photoshop and generated their individual portrait animations. Students that were present in class left our class session with their first GIF created from scratch using photoshop.

Lets review the first part of the project as I will need for you to submit a single frame to me via email – ryan@ryanseslow.com (or my LIU e-mail) – to get our collaboration underway.

  1. Use your own portrait! (OK, if not then..) Use an Internet search to find a Portrait of someone who inspires, motivates or has an impact on your life. Be sure to find a head shot that clearly captures your subject without chopping off a part of their head, hair, ear or face. Selecting a large or medium image will work best!

*Pro Tip – Find an image that looks similar to this one below. The image size that you will be submitting for the group collaboration will be sized at 8.5″ inches wide X  11″ inches high.

2. If you cant find an image of your preferred subject that looks similar to this example, then you may be able to “crop” the image in photoshop. You can then copy and paste the image back into the photoshop (.psd) document. (See video Below).

3. Open Adobe Photoshop and select FILE -> New – Set up your document to be 8.5 inches Wide X 11 inches High – Make sure the background Contents is set to “Transparent”. Click OK.

Your blank 8.5 inch X 11 inch document will look like this below.

Watch the short video below on how to open and place your Image into the photoshop document, scale it smaller and save it.

You can now alter and manipulate the image using some of the Filters (play with them, there are many ways to alter the original image)

**Send only 1 frame to me as a .JPEG file via e-mail here – Ryan@ryanseslow.com


ALSO – *Homework: What new media Artists, new media websites or individual new media based art works are inspiring you? These can also be blogs or online platforms – which ones do you resonate with? Why are these sites / blogs important? Explore and prepare to share a list of at least 2-3 URLS to bring into class on 3/28. We will be viewing and sharing a series of these in class.


Week #7 – Animation / GIFs & Net Art

Lets continue our animation exercises working with frame by frame animations by creating GIFs using adobe photoshop (and maybe clickdragclick.com )

Lets jump into both an individual series of exercises and also a collaborative one – Lets GIF the Portrait!

Click the link to investigate and prepare for class-time awesomeness. Continued GIF making techniques using Adobe photoshop. Image manipulation exercises. Each student will contribute to the GIF the Portrait collaboration and later publish an individual blog post about the process. (sign ups and log ins to our class website)

GIF the Portrait submissions will consist of one GIF animation using a “portrait” – plus submitting one single still frame .jpg file sized at 8.5″X11″ – (class demo)

Questions to consider after learning and applying the techniques learned in the demo:

1. What is a portrait? How can the literal objective definition be expanded upon?
2. What would you like to communicate and express through a “portrait” via the use of looping motion graphics.

Let this fuel your next series of animated GIFs.


Newhive Net-Art to .Mov & GIF works

Newhive Net-Art to .Mov & GIF works

Last week we discussed how to convert our Newhive Net-Art digital collages into Video files and Animated GIFs.

Do you need a refresher on this?

Go here to view the video tutorial on Newhive – https://art642.com/gifs/video-tutorials-with-newhive-quicktime-screen-recording/

This week in class lets present our work and discuss our presentation options.

Students should be prepared to show 3-5 individual pieces created using Newhive and talk about their process. These pieces can be shown on the Newhive website but ultimately they should now be individual .Mov files screen recorded using Quicktime (as discussed in the tutorial above).

The .Mov files can be presented and “looped”using Quicktime as a presentation method. This is simply one way to show the works. However, what if you want to archive the works and show them on various platforms like a self-hosted website like Art642.com? (And we will! A Student GIF Exhibition Page has been created here, we must fill it up with our work!)

Social media platforms like Instagram will support a .Mov file and loop it for its users. This is a great feature! Do you have an Instagram account? If not, why not create one for this class and the sake of having an online method to showcase the video files in .Mov format?

Perhaps you will create the Instagram account for the sake of having a solo exhibition of those works exclusively? This becomes a concept in and of itself. (Will discuss more on this in class) and a way to promote your work in a new and conceptual way. Plus you are leveraging and hacking the app for usage based on YOUR customization.

Converting Quicktime .Mov files to animated .gif files.

Quicktime .Mov files can be very large. Most screen recordings are full sized unless you specify otherwise. Even when one does this, the files are often bigger than they need to be for converting them to .gif files.

(Remember .gif file will only animate when they are powered by a web browser, web browser technology or in a chat application like iMessage or whatsapp) 

Quicktime allows for you to Export your works at a smaller size like 720px or 480px. These sizes will make it easier for .mov conversions to .gif files. You can do this easily using adobe photoshop or by sending the .Mov file to your smart phone and using the ImgPlay App (This is APP is EXCELLENT for converting between both formats and at various sizes.)

Once your Newhive .Mov files are converted to .gif files I would for you to e-mail to me your BEST 2-3 GIFs for our Class GIF Exhibition on this website.

Send to Ryan at ryanseslow.com



Student Links – New Media Art & Artists

Judith Barry, Project, Whitney Museum of American Art.

In the comments section below please post the links to the New Media Art and Artists that you have discovered and resonate with. In the coming weeks we will use this blog post as the jump station to present and discuss the works in class.

The links will also be applied to our class resources page for archiving and posterity.

Giphy Visit

Last week we met at the Giphy company HQ in New York City. I was so excited. We got some interesting souvenirs from the company. Everyone got a chance to experience VR. This was my first time experiencing VR. It let me feeling as If I was in a 3D space. I’m really glad to have this experience. We saw a modern office space and the office environment let me feeling very comfortable.

If I could have an opportunity I would like to work there!


Last week we had the great opportunity of visiting GIPHY headquarters in Manhattan. We each took turns experiencing their new VR program featuring a museum of gifs by a select few of over 1,300 GIPHY artists. It was extremely cool to be immersed in this virtual world even going as far as feeling the sensation of falling through the portals through the multiple dimensions. Here are some gifs made through the GIPHY website!! We even had a sneak peak of their newest app.

And quick tour of the headquarters!

The staff put together a showcase of their favorite gifs on a large screen for us to view and let us use their gif camera to make a series of gifs!

Giphy Tour

Wow! What a fun time getting to see a tour on Giphy. It really opened my eyes on how much fun being able to work new media can be. I’ve lived a long life and because of this class and because of art i feel like i’m living a new one now. I’m learning so much about the world and how it is changing. Doing art with the computer is so cool to me. you can create something so amazing from nothing. you can manipulate photos or  your own paintings and really create something new.

i enjoyed the tour and all that was explained to me. from entering the building all i saw was young people. i think that the art world is changing and how people see what is art is changing as well.

Giphy Visit

Last week the class met at Giphy Studios in NYC. Dani and Ari showed us around the modern and artistically designed office spaces and gave a great overview of the company. Ari spoke about the Los Angeles office and all the artist collaborations she is in charge of curating at Giphy. While Ari spoke, we each had the opportunity to experience VR. That was my first time and I have to say it was so cool, I would love to experience it again! Overall the company seemed like a fun and unique place to work.