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Zine is such a fresh and interesting way to express yourself. I think that one thing I learned from our guest speaker is how differently people label art. It doesn’t have to be something you spend hours on. Creating a zine is fun way to just have fun and be yourself.

I think with the zine that i created i wanted to show the beauty in nature. All of my works are inspired by things that I see in nature. The zine that I created has roots in my old paintings. I used to draw owls as a project and this zine has helped me to rekindle that love. I think it’s important for everyone to take the time and experience and love nature.


Last week we had the great opportunity of visiting GIPHY headquarters in Manhattan. We each took turns experiencing their new VR program featuring a museum of gifs by a select few of over 1,300 GIPHY artists. It was extremely cool to be immersed in this virtual world even going as far as feeling the sensation of falling through the portals through the multiple dimensions. Here are some gifs made through the GIPHY website!! We even had a sneak peak of their newest app.

And quick tour of the headquarters!

The staff put together a showcase of their favorite gifs on a large screen for us to view and let us use their gif camera to make a series of gifs!

2D Project: ice cream-face by Yunsang Cho

Working with Giphy Cam was fun and explorative for me.

It was one of the easiest form to get to know the glimpse of video making process in an approachable way.

Because I’m not used to digitizing art, it wasn’t so easy for me to start making art in this way even with such a simple mechanism.

I’ve been exposed to many different camera applications via friends but I think Giphy Cam definitely has its own unique style to draw people in.

Giphy Cam certainly enhances the form of graphic/video art with great tools to edit and add to the original work which I think is very convenient yet efficient.

By exploring and learning through Giphy Cam, I become a little closer to Modern Art.