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Giphy Trip!!

First off- how awesome would it be to have a work place like that?
I’m not sure what I was imagining this place to look like- but it was definitely /not that./
Constant movement- and every screen or monitor was looping gifs, just as a backdrop- and everyone just going about their business as if they weren’t working at the coolest place imaginable….

I’ve never personally experienced VR before- and, for lack of a better term, my mind was blown. I like that they didn’t allow us to see what was happening through the monitor- so it was a complete surprise as to what we were about to experience… A Virtual exhibition… I never would have thought! So far removed from a traditional gallery- it was truly incredible! I’m not sure how- but that’s definitely something I’m going to explore in the near future. Like as soon as possible.

It was also kind of nauseating? That was really unexpected.. Dropping down into the ocean.. I felt my stomach drop along with it!!

Then there was one little secret machine to make our own gifs on the spot!!

The final hit.. was starting to leave the place, and someone’s computer was open to a giphy page that was searching up K-pop gifs.

How is that not my job.

Who is getting paid cash money to look up k-pop gifs.


-Susan Kelly


Visiting Giphy was awesome. The office is completely transformative, new aged and seems very conducive to creativity. I really liked listening to Dani and Ari (sp?) although the information on how giphy works and the various projects they work on there seems like everyday business to them, I was hanging on their every word. The idea of putting virtual art into a virtual gallery is going to be revolutionary. I also think that the way the curated the first show- by reaching out to applied artists and inviting them to make a piece makes the new media art world seem so much more accessible to those of us that are intimidated by it.


Here is a Gif I made of Prof. Seslow using GIPHY CAM at GIPHY Headquarters

Giphy Visit

Last week we met at the Giphy company HQ in New York City. I was so excited. We got some interesting souvenirs from the company. Everyone got a chance to experience VR. This was my first time experiencing VR. It let me feeling as If I was in a 3D space. I’m really glad to have this experience. We saw a modern office space and the office environment let me feeling very comfortable.

If I could have an opportunity I would like to work there!


Last week we had the great opportunity of visiting GIPHY headquarters in Manhattan. We each took turns experiencing their new VR program featuring a museum of gifs by a select few of over 1,300 GIPHY artists. It was extremely cool to be immersed in this virtual world even going as far as feeling the sensation of falling through the portals through the multiple dimensions. Here are some gifs made through the GIPHY website!! We even had a sneak peak of their newest app.

And quick tour of the headquarters!

The staff put together a showcase of their favorite gifs on a large screen for us to view and let us use their gif camera to make a series of gifs!

Giphy Tour

Wow! What a fun time getting to see a tour on Giphy. It really opened my eyes on how much fun being able to work new media can be. I’ve lived a long life and because of this class and because of art i feel like i’m living a new one now. I’m learning so much about the world and how it is changing. Doing art with the computer is so cool to me. you can create something so amazing from nothing. you can manipulate photos or  your own paintings and really create something new.

i enjoyed the tour and all that was explained to me. from entering the building all i saw was young people. i think that the art world is changing and how people see what is art is changing as well.

Giphy Visit

Last week the class met at Giphy Studios in NYC. Dani and Ari showed us around the modern and artistically designed office spaces and gave a great overview of the company. Ari spoke about the Los Angeles office and all the artist collaborations she is in charge of curating at Giphy. While Ari spoke, we each had the opportunity to experience VR. That was my first time and I have to say it was so cool, I would love to experience it again! Overall the company seemed like a fun and unique place to work.

Giphy Giphy


This was such a great opportunity! I loved visiting Giphy! I have made so many Gif images before our visit, but when I really got there, I can see and feel that it is such a different type of company than other design company’s I know. Through their products like stickers, phone cases, pens, and even the cards used for the restrooms. I know they are a great company, and they have their own Culture!                                

The techniques displayed throughout the company were amazing. I really enjoyed the VR game. It makes me want to learn more about VR, gifs and other applications of relevance.

I hope we will have more opportunities like this trip. I Enjoy our new media class and giphy!




2D Project: ice cream-face by Yunsang Cho

Working with Giphy Cam was fun and explorative for me.

It was one of the easiest form to get to know the glimpse of video making process in an approachable way.

Because I’m not used to digitizing art, it wasn’t so easy for me to start making art in this way even with such a simple mechanism.

I’ve been exposed to many different camera applications via friends but I think Giphy Cam definitely has its own unique style to draw people in.

Giphy Cam certainly enhances the form of graphic/video art with great tools to edit and add to the original work which I think is very convenient yet efficient.

By exploring and learning through Giphy Cam, I become a little closer to Modern Art.