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Slideshow of the 2D project


Here’s a slideshow of the 2D project.  As you can see, there were many previous layers of paint and comics before I came to the final layout.  It took many days for the whole project to finish drying (with all of the wet paint, ink, and water that I applied.)  I first applied old comics to the canvas (and glued them on), and then I applied ink to it.  Later, I painted over it multiple times, by using different techniques.  The reason why I say that I added water was because of the rolling brush that I used (I had to wash it so many times, it became very damp, hence why the comics fell away.)  The old comics then dried, and I re-glued them on and then glued newer comics too.  After the paint completely dried, I applied the top collages of the sea serpent, spider-man, the UFO and the border.  I am very pleased with the final results.