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Week #4 – 3D Studio Work Session & The Graphic Asset Collab.

Last week we documented the results of our first project. (A new piece of applied art was created for the class.) After our critique we ventured into the digital realm by importing our images into adobe photoshop. We examined the “pen tool” – photoshop’s most renowned cut-out maker, aka the graphic asset maker. We all extracted a fragment from our documented image. This in and of itself was a very specific decision that was made by each student based on the imagery at hand. Students learned what elements and or parts of their images would be obvious choices based on how the contours lines of the elements defined themselves.

Mastering the pen tool takes practice! Lots of it. My suggestion is to watch the video tutorials that were included in week #3’s blog post

The image above and the series of images below are digital collages that I produced as examples. They are all derived from the same single example above. Some of them were further manipulated and added to via adobe photoshop, but some of them were further developed via a mobile app called Imaengine (which we will discuss this coming week in class). What role does immediacy play in your work? Will digital tools enhance or temp you to work more with electronic media?

Each student was asked to produce a graphic asset from their first 2D project and e-mail it to me in a psd. or .PNG24 file format. (if you sent both, great!) I have added the assets that I received to a google drive folder that can be found here. With access to the folder and all of the assets, lets generate a series of digital collage works that apply each asset to your own designs.

Each student will create 1-3 examples using each asset (at least once) in the shared folder. Save the finished digital art works as .JPEG or .PNG files. You don’t have to use the entire asset itself, you may cut and manipulate, fragment and re-configure at will.

YES – we will have time to work on this in class on 2/14, so please be prepared to work on this along with the 3D project.

Inspiration & Resources – Check out:

Article about artist Justin Peters – https://mymodernmet.com/justin-peters-digital-art/

Collage art – https://mymodernmet.com/collage-art-collage/

More on Collage Artists (applied artists) https://www.widewalls.ch/collage-artists/

A Pinterest Search Result Series – https://www.pinterest.com/lalacozy/collage-digital-art/?lp=true


Project #2 – 3D – Project Description –

Working from the same theme, concept or specific subject as project #1 (the 2D project) each student will generate a 3-dimensional work of art to further communicate and compliment the meaning of the work in project #1. You may work in any material that wish as long as the result is “3D”. What does 3D mean to you in 2019? Is it a free-standing object, a wall relief, or a hanging object that can be viewed from 360 degrees? (Wood, stone, plaster, cardboard, found objects, multiple units.) Or, is 3D a synthesis of 2D works manipulated with computer software and applications to expand the definition of 3D itself. The process should be documented in digital photos as they will be applied later in the semester.