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Zinester 101

How to become a Zinester



This was my first attempt making pages for the class zine. I took a copy of a drawing and then printed another image on top of it which I had used in a gif experiment. I played around with different sizes for the heart before deciding on this composition.



For this page, I took 4 screenshots of my gif that was made using the ultrapop app of an old ink drawing which was later manipulated in giphy cam. I added two cropped images from a ink drawing on the left and a painting on the right of hair details. I wanted to give the background texture. I also included a repeated b&w image from a cd insert to add a sense of movement and contrast against the bright colors echoed with the image the left.



The backdrop is also a screenshot from a motion portrait gif I posted here earlier. I found ripping the edges of the images made it easier for me to blend the images together into one piece. I added the text from a magazine copy and cd insert tracklist. The raven drawings were also screenshots from a gif.



I added three screenshots from the aforementioned gif but this time in black and white. The “Witness Me” text is a copy from a rubber stamp I made and “Never don’t mind about a thing” lyric was made using letter stickers individually placed on acetate for a previous screen-printing projected and reduced in size.



I liked the repetitive imagery in the last page so I tried using it again but layered text over the eyes this time. I really liked this effect and will consider it in future pieces. The backdrop is a copy from a wooden panel piece. I added a magazine texture on the right to break up the space.



The “goodbye” text is from an instagram post. I liked the finality it gave to the completed page. I used a detail from a drawing for the bottom texture. This is my favorite page so far because of the composition and range in values. I felt I had more of an understanding of how to control the layout so it didn’t look too busy.