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And now, a public service announcement from Bucky and Lefty


Here’s everyone’s favorite two-headed fish, Bucky and Lefty.  Today, they’re talking about subscribing to the Art642 website.  Here’s why I came up with this GIF: Professor Seslow talked to me on how many people forgot to subscribe to Art642 for the updates, so I decided to make a GIF where Bucky and Lefty have decided to do a Public Service announcement for subscribing to Art642.  In this one, we find out which one’s Bucky, and which one’s Lefty.  When I named Lefty “Lefty”, I did it so from the fish’s left, not our left.  As for why I named Bucky “Bucky”, I actually named him after the Winter Soldier from the Marvel comics (he’s actually one of my most favorite characters in the comics).